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Images ~ Art In The Streets ~ MOCA ~ Los Angeles

Last night was the Artists’ Opening of Art In The Streets at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Los Angeles. This is the first major exhibit of Graffiti & Street Art ever presented in the United States. Stephanie & I have a few friends that were asked to be a part of the show so it was pretty exciting to attend the event. Last night’s Artists’ Opening was a sight to be seen or be seen at. Everyone from Graffiti legends to Hollywood stars and musicians were in attendance. I highly recommend this show to everyone. It opens to the public on Sunday.

Risk got to work on a Metro bus. This is one side.

Photographer Howard Gribble standing next to his contribution to the time line.

Some of the art on display. I think it is going to take me a couple of times to see everything!

Mister Cartoon painted a wall and brought out some paintings and his famous Ice Cream Truck and his 1939 Chevy to be a part of the show.

Here’s a few people pictures.

Actor Seth Rogan

Mister Cartoon & Lance Armstrong

Stephanie photographed Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale.

She also photographed Rosie Perez & Haze.

Javi & Estevan Oriol

Mister Cartoon & Rob Kardashian.

LuLu, Gio, Tony, Big Flaco & OG Lepke.

I’ll end this post with a congratulations to our friend Mister Cartoon on his cover of this week’s LA Weekly. If you’re in the LA area grab one at your local newsstand.

One Response to Images ~ Art In The Streets ~ MOCA ~ Los Angeles

  1. Jauffret Sabine

    Pourquoi BLU n’est-il pas présent dans cette exposition ?
    L’art de la rue aurait-il des limites à la liberté d’expression ?
    Le marché de l’art aurait-il du mal à intégrer les œuvres productrices de sens, au-delà du convenu ?

    L’épisode de décembre 2010 au MOCA est vite évacué, je trouve …

    J’irai voir le travail de BLU dans les rues, gardez vos outils de spéculation au musée
    Pour plus d’infos, prochainement : http://ecritique-revue.over-blog.com/



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