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Sawatdee! Toyota Vitz all the way from Thailand


Hello from the other side of the world :)

For those that dont know. I’ve taken a leap of absents from Cali to Thailand for some personal reason. Though while here, I thought I’d try to dig deep to find the import culture that has grown so much is Thailand.

I’ve been in Bangkok for the first couple nights. Resting, recovering from JetLag and to see family. Today my Dad & I head back to our home towards the west of Thailand (Chanthaburi). About an hour into the drive outside of Bangkok. I see this BRIGHT Yellowish/Green Toyota Yaris… oopps sorry.. not in america anymore. I saw this Toyota “Vitz” haha. It quickly grabbed my attention and asked my Dad if we could turn around so i can grab a couple photos.

We head back a mile back to find this Vitz I quickly caught a Glimps of. We finally find it and pull over. It ends up it was parked in a aftermarket Rim/Time shop. Even WAY more cooler! We got out of the car and I introduced myself in English and my Dad translating in thai. My dad explained to him what company im with and how id like a couple shots of his car for our site.

He was more that willing and was very excited. So him and his family welcomed us into his shop very happily. His name is “S” and he owns this wheel/rims/accessories company along with his Father, Monther & His Family. I wish my mom and dad sold wheels with me :( haha.. This Toyota Vitz is also his personal car and company show car. Man was this thing awesome! When he pulled the car out for me, he popped his air ride up with the quickness! drove it out into the open and slammed it hard! This Vitz is way too  gangster…

Turbo, Custom Air Ride, Fully Custom Exterior/Interior & Im sure many other mods I may have missed. I dont have specs untill we email each other but I’ll keep you guys updated.Him and his family didnt mind us there or how long we took. They were in the process of closing while I was doing the shoot. So I did get a full photoshoot out of our stop :]

Keep in mind they were closing and they didnt expect this random America wanting to take pictures of his car so excuse the car if its a bit dirty :P  After the photoshoot. We exchanged information and we’ll be meeting in the near future to set up a car meet with his team & his friends just for me! Awesome and I cant wait. This trip is going to be very exciting. I hope to show you guy more about Thai car culture during my stay. I have another 3 months here so we’ll get some good content for you guys :)

Enjoy! Mod list will be up as soon as we reach each other.

Nice selection of wheels

You can see the Highway his building is located

Very clean interior, well done.

Oh look R32 Rear Brakes….

WAIT WAHT!?!?? lol
forgot to mention it :P
Its funny cause hes like it comes from a “Sahm Zip Song” and i was like huh??
There was still a language barrier. Then I counted with my fingers and he basically say “32″ and i was like OH R32 Skyline! hes like Yes!
some krazy shit.

A photo of his car team in a Thai Import Car Mag

Hooked him up w a fresh slammed society sticker ^_^ very nice

Hope everyone enjoyed it! You’ll be seeing more

6 Responses to Sawatdee! Toyota Vitz all the way from Thailand

  1. Kae

    OMG LOL dope!!! I wonder if Max will like this.

  2. Rad! I love it…
    Ya just never know what you’re gonna see and commend you on the stickers in the pocket ready to pass out, safe travels Yogi…

  3. I miss you already…

  4. Mark

    I just got back from Thailand from visiting my family, there is some amazing bodywork overthere, I think we are going to see a lot more cars like this one coming out of thailand for sure ! :D

  5. kitt sang

    that how we do it in Thailand ^_X

  6. Aaron Gusak

    The yaris’s are look nice this year; specially love the sedan. I would get one if they had more power.


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