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The boys from Oklahoma “Talihina Sky”

Ever since they hit the stage I’ve been a HUGE Kings of Leon fan.
The 3 brothers and 1 cousin group KOL as they’ve come to be known as have a past of faith, brotherhood, massive success around the world and played to sold out venues

KoL posses a musical attitude and sound that is right on time for me, each album is a little different and maybe it’s age, lifetime or just the notes that hit just right but their music adapts with my life as well.

At the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival they’ll be presenting a documentary that’s in progress, it shows their childhood via archived footage and interviews and also how they will always have a respect for their roots…

Here’s the trailer for Kings of Leons documentary film “Talihina Sky” named after a town in Oklahoma…

Also, here’s a photo of myself with Nathan and Matthew of KoL in Portland 2008 after seeing them in concert, then meeting them at the airport, I had to buy them some beers and shared a conversation, good guys…
I just wanna hit a bar and play darts and kick it with the band in OK…


Portland VO Kings of Leon Oct 2008 025

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