31 May 2011

Fatlace Expansion, BBQ & Sale

Last weekend we had a huge sale at the Paddock aka headquarters. Friends & new friends lined up at 7am to catch the sale and by 9am, the line was down the block. We stopped the sale at 2pm as we started the bbq meet and previewed the expansion as

31 May 2011

Little More Hellaflush 8!

May 21, 2011 came and the long anticipated meet, Hellaflush 8, was finally here. It was pretty unfortunate that cops decided to close the lot, but other than that, like every year, it was a pretty big turnout.  Thank you all for coming :). Here’s a couple more pictures from the event….

31 May 2011

Fatlace Mix CD Summer Sessions

Here’s our first mix cd of the summer. We plan to do about 4 of these this summer. This one’s with masta selekta Brian aka Butter B. It’ll be available to anyone who purchases $10 or more at our online store. The host for this mix is Genevieve Chanelle. Release

31 May 2011

Sketchy dude… @BobRox

When I say sketchy I mean he sketches and creates art not shady/sketchy, got ya! BobRox is his twitter name and he’s a mysterious kind of character that is traveling the country, the world and the earth with minimal NEEDS and desires but a plethora of talent, knowledge and HUNGER

31 May 2011

Lowballers X Royal Origin “Bromance”

Our fellow lovers Royal Origin came and visited us this past week. It’s not just about the cars, it’s all about the goodtimes we share as friends. Laughs, drinks, the occasional kissing…pause no homo. We kicked it at a homies apartment till the AM hours. We miss Royal Origin already…We

31 May 2011

Chocolate Wasted

A while back, I came across an interesting article stating that in twenty years, chocolate will become a rare delicacy. Considering America’s tendency to over-consume, this is hardly surprising. What WON’T be a rare delicacy in twenty years?? But just in case this is to happen, or you just love

31 May 2011

Sunkist Orange

What do you get when you mix Orange Soda and a Honda Civic SI? Chivas’s super slammed whip. Riding thru the streets of Sin city hitting every reflector on the road, my stomach hurts every time I hear it. Sparkboy is a A.K.A we gave Chivas as one night we

31 May 2011

The Leader of the Pack

I’ve looked up to Jonas Bevacqua of LRG and thought maybe one day. I’ve seen him grow his company from tiny to HUGE over the last decade and its pretty shocking news that I found out he’s passed away. He always was ahead of the pack, his booths at Magic