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Memorial Day is coming up, time for friends, BBQ, summer to begin but also this Monday is Memorial Day…
A day of remembrance, respect , thanks and honor of those that have and are defending our country…
Cheers to the Vets & soldiers…

Watch this video about some WWII Veterans visiting their memorial in DC…


I’m proud to have my Grandpa in my life, who’s a WWII fighter pilot, POW/MIA a true soldier and a gentlemen. Plus he’s able and willing to speak, elaborate and even give back to his peers/Vets by being involved with the San Diego POW.
Donate, get involved as these soldiers have no where for a final day of resting they’re raising money for this cause now…
Click for more info

I add to that by saying grab a drink and do enjoy your family, friends and BBQ but keep it in your mind about what Memorial Day truly is about…

This past weekend my boy Ryan brought over some of his Black IPA he made, it’s good for only 7 days in the bottles…
Drinks in AZ 002

He’s on the fence about it, being too humble.. It’s good…
Drinks in AZ 001

Hope ya’ll are doing THIS, this weekend…
Drinks in AZ 004

The boys from S3 Magazine sent me a sweet package of their newest tee’s & stickers STILL HOOD!
To buy these sweet shirts & stickers CLICK HERE
Drinks in AZ 009
Drinks in AZ 010
Drinks in AZ 011
Drinks in AZ 012

Parker’s even repping…
Drinks in AZ 014

Caught a sticker package from check it…
Drinks in AZ 008

Had lunch yesterday with my wife and my buddy Joe yesterday at Cornish Pasty Co in Mesa, AZ, so good!
Drinks in AZ 017

Split the Lamb & Mint (slammin) & the Chicken Tikka Masala, washed down with a Firestone Double Barrel
Drinks in AZ 016

Joe’s ready..
Drinks in AZ 015

Made a stop at Whole Foods Chandler on Ray Rd. to see James and peep the awesome tap line up, solid!!!!
Drinks in AZ 019

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  1. 25/05/2011 at 2:27 pm

    Really jealous about the beer/pool photo 😉

  2. mike
    28/05/2011 at 1:28 am

    hey Jarod, what kind of camera was used for these shots…. was it with a p&s,if so LMK