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Hellaflush 8 Coverage pt.2

Part 1 if you missed it.

Here’s some more flicks of Hellaflush 8, Venice Beach. The majority of these photos were taken around 9am so if you came anywhere past 11am, you missed alot of the meet. There’s always next time. Thanks to everyone who got inspired by the cars as well as all of you that came and showed your cars off.

EvoX minus the wing looks great. Sleeper style.

Alot of miata’s were at the meet. Kinod represent.

7Series BMW. NICE. Back when these cars were new, alot of Indonesians from UCSF had them slammed just like this one.

I turned around and saw my old wheels on this S14!

Good looking vert.

Quite a few BMWs rolled thru.

Neek & The Low Ballers. No, not a band, but a crew from Las Vegas & Beyond. They gave me a special gift of a custom LowBaller Tee for being one of the first 10 members! Thanks Y’all!!

Mazda Protoge.

I wasnt a fan of this color when it first came out but after seeing it for a year it became my favorite color that a civic has ever came out with. Nice wheels.

Hellafunctional. Yes it is. This particular one looks like its been setup quite nice. Would love to drive this at buttonwillow. I miss my S2000.

Honda Accord with Brides peeking thru the windows. Team Hybrid doesnt disappoint.

Another Miata.

LHD and Cute its not. This RHD Mini Cooper was hiding a V8 under the hood. Damn.

Subaru had the biggest turnout for manufacturers at the event this year. This particular STi was properly fitted with CCW’s. Looking meaty & flush.

Would love to do my civic up like this. Clean is the word.


Acura Slamma Jamma.

Mega Cambered Mazda3

I always wanted one of these Civic Wagons.

Kenta aka Max liked this one. Nice touch on the license plate holder.

Nice colorway.

Bentley wheels on this Mk5.

Rotiforms on this old school.

Suby Represent.

The color of this Z doesnt look stock.

Bright and Early.

Long time supra owner rocking HRE’s

Nice looking IS.

Crooks 5 series.

Robs 2002 got featured on Eurotuner and Performance BMW. It looks a bit rough on the outside but this little car goes.


More Miata’s

Sexy ass S2000

Sexy fenders. Anyone know the brand name?

Thanks again everyone for coming. Come thru to Wekfest on June 5th at the Queen Mary. Guaranteed to be awesome.

12 Responses to Hellaflush 8 Coverage pt.2

  1. mark vasquez

    Is there going to be a PT.3

  2. Damn, those fenders are superrrrr sexy!

  3. MoarBoar

    MoarBoar says MOAR!

    dope btw…

  4. Jared

    Aren’t those fenders part of the J’s Racing kit?

  5. hey is there going to b a part 3????:) i was so busy snapping shots of everyone elses whips, I didnt shoot my own , its the burgandy s13 with white 18x10s let me know if anyone shot it ! the license plate says THE ILST

  6. I didn’t make the event but saw a pack of hellaflushers on the 405 Southbound around 10:45am. I spotted 3 MA70 Supras, one was most amazing, it was black on black, looked super meaty and flush. Anyone get a pic of that car?

  7. victor

    is there going to be a video like before ?

  8. Kevin

    Sick coverage guys!!!!!!

    just for reference the flat/matte black “protoge” with salad shooters is actually a “Mazda Protege 5″.

  9. Anyone know what the wheels are on the black miata with the white rims. Allways loved those rims but dont know what they are

  10. BrandonB

    The silver on that 370z actually is a stock color. It’s Platinum Graphite. It has a ton of metal flake, very similar to the color of my 350z which is Carbon Silver. Nissan’s paint is great, way more interesting than some of the low grade gloss colors other manufacturers use.


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