LIFESWELL: Aries/Taurus edition w/ Thurzday (U-N-I) @ Blu Monkey, Hollywood

Big ups to the LIFESWELL team for holding it down on Thursday. Speaking of Thursday, Thurzday came through and performed a handful of songs that I’ll be looking forward to bumping as soon as I get word of the release. Chris Pudge and Boj01 did a memorable DJ x Drummer number, and also shouts out to the birthday celebrants that night including, Wella, Shelly, Josie, and myself. I’ve never celebrated my birthday outside of the bay being over 21. Cheers to attending my first Lifeswell event, and also, celebrating my 26th in Socal with my favorite LA folks!

Me, Tricia, and Josie

Live art by Alvin.

A few photos of Thurz with Ro Blvd’s special performance.

Boj01 & Just Pudge doing it live with their DJxDrummer set

Exaktoh and KreativeThought jumped in on the set and performed “Mess With” off their LP.

Sherwin covering the LIFESWELL event here+ Exaktoh of the Rhythm Natives

Kthought and Ro Blvd

For more photo coverage please check out LFSWL.COM and Chicharon Adventures!

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