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VIP UCF10 Done Lyka Bos!


Heres a special car I been dying to feature for quite a while now. Recently I’ve taken a bit sabbatical and been doing a little Recovering, Rest & Relaxing here in lovely Thailand. So I called in a favor from fellow blogger Clifford Sutrisno to do a shoot for me in my absents :] Thank you bro!  Ojay Bayang a very old and good friend of mine. Very well known for his very gangster Honda Element which was featured in HondaTuning Mag back in December 08′.  The car went through its fame & spotlight, But a couple years back it was decided to finally retire the famous gold Element. So, what do you do after you retire a very sick and well known car. You make an ever better super gangster car!

Ojay decided too stick his feet  into the VIP world picked up a a early model LS400 (UCF10). I remember seeing this car completely stock but I knew Ojay had some pretty big & amazing plans for this cars future.Well those plans now came to life! Now its breaking neck left, right, down and uppercut where ever it goes. The work put into this car is absolutely amazing and the end result is quite beautiful. I think I just teared a bit. :P You may remember seeing his ride at our Slammed society showcase over in Streets of LB. It was a very popular subject and defiantly one of the most talked about that day.

This deserves nothing but compliments. Check over at vipstylecars.com on his BUILD thread. I dont doubt that we’ll be seeing a mag cover/feature soon.

Ojay very well done my friend and goodluck!
Enjoy everyone.

15 Responses to VIP UCF10 Done Lyka Bos!

  1. This car is really an awesome site to see in person. The amount of detail that’s been to the car is inspiring to many car enthusiasts in my opinion, and even to just your average Joe on the street.

    As expected, great job with the photo’s Cliff, your work never disappoints. These are the kind’s of posts that have been really missing from slammed society/hellaflush blog’s recently. Hopefully some more inspiring rides pop up in the near future.



    good shit cliff. you’re always taking it to another level. also, love the fur on the rear deck! thats a first! props! super clever.

  3. Great post Yogi and great shots Cliff. What did you light with?

  4. Anthony

    That fckyourcrew sticker is fucking awesome! So is that car, love the LV style interior. Definitely inspiring.

  5. Cliff

    Thanks friends, I lit with alienbees

    • Hi cliff, really nice images. I read that you used alienbees to light this shoot. Was it continuous light or strobe? My question is, did you shoot multiple exposures for these images? Raw or jpeg? For me night shots are the most difficult. Do you recall what exposure you were shooting that created these images? Thanks Cliff and well done.

      • Cliff

        Thanks man! Both, and I lit for panels, so I did sides and back and front or whichever side was showing… But it wasn’t a lot of layers, probably like 3-4 each. I haven’t shot JPEG in like 2 years and exposure varies from 250th of a sec to 8 sec. Sorry if my info is a bit ambiguous but I don’t really ever go in detail on how I light and stuff.

  6. Ronald Meyers

    Ojay the juice man showing them foo’s how it’s done. Good job man, I’m waiting to see this in a mag soon.

  7. Cliff is one of my favorite automotive photographers. Freakin GENIUS!

  8. Great shooting here. Big ups to the photog.

  9. awesome as always Cliff! I’m excited to see your pics from HF8 coming up!

  10. bahc

    i hate the pics of an amputated car but love ojays whip so its okay :D

  11. Great pics / feature Yogi!

    I remember the first time I saw Ojay’s car. To say that I was impressed by the car would be an understatement. One of my favorite VIP Car builds to date.


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