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Sandic’s S13


There was something about this car when I first saw it. With so many worked Silvia’s getting around, its no easy task to make one stand out.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, perhaps it was the controlled excess of the styling, the flared guards, the epic dish of the Rota RBX 17×9.5, or maybe the copper brown with gold pearl that tied it all together.

There was something else unique about this build – freshly completed, owner George Sandic takes it to the track and drifts the hell out of it.

With a few battle scars and cable tie repairs on a recently completed build, this is no show pony to be hard parked and admired, it was created with purpose.

With a list of parts as long as your arm, plenty of time and effort has gone in to creating a styling packing that looks effortlessly stylish, but all business at the same time.

The interior is all about functionality, with a GK Tech steering wheel, drift button handbrake and 6 point roll cage.

Even though George did a large portion of the work on the car himself, he mentioned that there have been many hands assisting over time. In particular, he wanted to give a big shout out to Zlyah Berbic from Gun Metal Garage who has done a lot of work on the car and always looked after the mechanical side,  making sure that it always gets back to the track.

George also wanted to thank the guys Stylish Wheels who put up with him rolling in and out constantly needing fresh tread. Got to love that fitment.

George tells us that the S13 is an ongoing story and as those who have been bitten by the modification bug know – it never ends. With more power being next on the cards, we look forward to seeing the next incarnation.

S13 Silvia 1988

Engine/Drive Train
* RB20det
* RB25 turbo
* Full 3″ exhaust system from turbo back
* Mspec alloy radiator
* Twin 12″ electrical fans
* Over flow bottle from gk-tech
* Front mount intercooler
* Greddy boost controller
* Blitz air filter
* Turbo smart twin port bov
* Sard fuel reg.
* Remaped niztune computer
* Intake Bosch 044 fuel pump
* External Bosch 040 fuel pump
* 2L surge tank
* Nismo GT LSD 2 way diff
* NPC heavy duty clutch
* Racing Logic Coilovers (12kg Front, 8kg rear)
* D-Project Rear Arms
* D-Project camber arms
* D-Project toe arms
* D-Project traction rods
* D-Project subframe braces
* D-Project alloy bushes (pineapples)
* D-Project swayed bars
* R32 GTR brakes at the front
* Final konnection front bumper
* GP sports side skits
* GP sports rear bumper with customs zipties (151 of them lol)
* Dmax tail lights
* JDM twin head lights
* Dmax clean parkers
* Dmax clean indercators
* JJR s13 flares
* Dmax roof wing
* Dmax boot wing
* Shaved boot
* Fresh paint job (copper brown with gold pearl)
* Rota RBX 17×9.5 -29 on front and -19 on rear
* 6 point bolt in cage
* Gk-tech dish drift steering wheel
* Recaro bucket seat driver
* Drift button hand brake set-up
* Greddy water and oil temp gauges
* Cailbre boost and rev techos with led shift light
* Stripped back seats- fire wall put in
* Bride glove box

11 Responses to Sandic’s S13

  1. this thing is really clean!

  2. george sandic

    thanks again scott, you all ways do such a great job
    there so much more people i forgot to say thanks to your all know who you are..

  3. Marvis

    This car is lame.

  4. Will80

    Awesome job on the photos and such an awesome car lol Marcia your lame =P lol

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  7. This reminded me of my neighbors s13, wheels look really alike, my neighbor still has the rps13 front end though

  8. Btw this car is CLEAN!

  9. Reichy

    So clean! And i like it better because it has QLD plates


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