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Photography: Thailand Trip Pt. 1

Hey Guys,

A lot of you guys know im currently calling Thailand home for a while. So I thought I’d share some of my photography of the trip :) I’ll be checking in every now and then to share a bit of my journey and photos here. Also stay tuned for some really dope car content in the near future. The local car tuners will be setting up a car meet/show during the last couple weeks of my stay! Anywho Enjoy

Last glimps of California for a while

Flying south of Alaska peaking, Peak out and see nothing by ice covering the ocean

Stop over in Taipei.

My Pops in the back of a very sketchy tin can taxi truck haha.

Food<3 Real thai food<3 check out my other post a week back on the food 

Hello Kitty Toyota Commuter! Want. No homo

Durian a Thai delicacy, A very smelly delicacy BLAH >.<

A local tuner I hunted down which also happen to own a wheel/rim shop :) Pretty random and awesome

A Super OG and clean pickup truck, I believe a datsun mini? could be wrong. Luckily i got a nice snap of it as it was speeding the oposite direction

Pepsi, I think?

Hooptie #1 aka Volyota (1j Volvo)

The other whip. Mitsubishi Strada

I keep having to remind myself to drive on the left side. There are so many times i ended up on the right side :X

Rain is super krazy here. Just with 2 mins of pouring rain the streets flood about a feet and more high.

You have not lived till you’ve had real Thai Ice tea. nom nom nom.

End of the month quota. Must of learned from there LAPD counterpart. Just like home 😛

….Dogs know how to sit and ride on scooters…
I thought I’ve seen everything.

My Dads worker Dolly over at his burger hut restaurant. 😉

I Live about a mile away from the beach. I can get used to this :)

Sunset Over Chao Lao Beach Thailand

Check back in a couple weeks for more photos of my trip.

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  1. Time Edition
    02/05/2011 at 10:06 am

    Could you get an interview w/ Dolly plus more images of her?

  2. vic p
    02/05/2011 at 7:09 pm

    Hope to see some more great shots from thailand from ya..

    regards khrup,

    thai native new yorker