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The Road to LA Flush!

So for the 3rd year in a row we headed down to Los Angeles for our Summer Kickoff better known as Hellaflush LA. Every year hundreds of cars flock to Venice to not only enjoy the sun but also the company of each other and converse about their passion for cars as well as their particular style of tuning.

This year was no different. By 8am, the police shut down the road as the lot filled up very quickly. We let everyone know to come early but I guess 7am wasnt early enough. I heard RoyalOrigin cruised in at 6am then came the WFC. Crazy guys!! The wack thing about the cops shutting down the road was alot more awesome cars were parked a street away. Sorry guys, next year we’ll debate and see if we should arrange a proper meet show where we pick and choose who gets in but that will change the dynamic of this particular meet.

In any case, thank you to the hundreds and hundreds of people that came out to represent your style and this society of styling.

Here’s the link to our Part 1 of the event.
Here’s part 2 of the event photos.

We drove down in the Q45 and the trailering Armada. Here’s the Q at driving level.

We watched F1 Season 2010 in review going down to LA. Now I know what it feels like to be a kid in the back seat while dad drives us to LA.

Here’s a few photos of the event. Expect a few more post coming in the next couple days.

Very nice VIP cars showed up. Just to let you know, the next couple photos, including this, were taken at 7am. Overcast as usual at the beach til it burns off around 10.

Feeling this little Miata on Works. Great colorway.

Good looks.

There were a few cars that came past noon and missed the majority of the meet. This Team Nuisance S14 was one of them but caught my attention right away when they rolled in and parked. Awesome look with the baby blue meshy’s.

Thanks to JeJomar for this link (below). Here’s a quick video of the newly built Jesse Budano’s 1995 Nissan 240sx S14. Niiccee![youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwaNx9YLGOg[/youtube]

Here’s the link to our Part 1 of the event.

21 Responses to The Road to LA Flush!

  1. Jejomar

    nice…. ohh that S14 pictured is one of Team Nuisance they recently made a vid of the car doing some action… heres the link if anybody wants to see it http://youtu.be/nwaNx9YLGOg (I am not affiliated with the team or the video I am just a big fan)

  2. Congrats on another great event fellas.

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  4. Edub

    Definitely agree on the pick and choose as far as what cars were allowed in next year. There were some really nice cars in the lot for sure, but there was alot more that weren’t nice and didn’t deserve to be in that lot, IMO. I saw a bunch of cars driving around outside of the lot, that definitely would of been better to look at then some stock civic dropped on XXRs, or not even fixed up at all. Great meet tho guys, just think the buzz in LA is HUGE now..Need to pick and choose which cars are in the lot, period. I don’t think I’m the only one that was a little disappointed.

    • Fatlace

      We dont have any say in who comes in or out being it’s a MEET and it’s always been a meet. If we turned this into a show type of an event, like our WEKFEST event, you wouldnt see normal non fixed up cars.

    • it’s a public lot… not much you can do about it. It’s just a meet for everyone to chill at. Cars were able to roll through all during the day. I stayed from 7am to 3pm and saw cars cruising through all the way up to when I left. You can filter out the cars that aren’t dope with your eyes/mind. There was loads of awesome cars that totally made up for anything else that wasn’t. The 16 year old kids with an intake are going to come out no matter who tells them to not come. I wish every awesome car could’ve made it into the the lot, but as we said over and over… if you don’t come early status then you can forget about making in to the lot.

  5. Looked like an awesome time!

    You have satellite in the Armada?

  6. it was awesome! It was great seeing all of my Norcal family there! I didn’t even get to see all of the cars it was sooo intense! I’ll be getting some photos up soon…

  7. rick

    anyone shoot the burgandy s13 with the white 18x10s ?

  8. Peter Camacho

    Just finished a video for this. Hope you enjoy it. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQDEDH_Sszk

  9. Tiger, Tony

    hella wack this year, yo. there should be requirements to put your car in hellaflush

  10. ap

    so i drove three hours to see this “amazing” car show sad to say i wasted time and gas seeing nothing but unorganized cars scattered across a half full half empty lot. u had sick cars next to beaner hondas dropped on xxr. saw one or two vip cars.. way to hype this one up it wasnt worth it at all. helllllaaawaaack.. although i saw a couple SC tht were on point..i agreee with edub i did see better cars in the parking lot than at this wack ass show.

    • Fatlace

      Sorry you wasted your time. Its a meet, not a show. Come early next time you would have seen alot more during the thick of the meet. Next time stay home, dont neet your attitude at a meet anyways.

    • mp

      Dont hate, I saw alot of those “beaner hondas” hellflushed. Its not a meet/show to check out how nice your car is. Its a meet/show to look at stances and drops, hence “Hellaflush” There were alot of these “beaner hondas” that were hellflushed, which basically passes the requirements for this show/meet. If youre expecting nice, fancy cars, I suggest you find a different event to attend.

    • It’s not a show. Get your trophy at HIN.

  11. Cressidaboy

    Cali always come correct. Sweet rides.

  12. nismokid_5

    video was raw :)

  13. Mason Moore

    What about helLAflush? kinda gangster.

  14. Boogie

    Its a meet not a show. People who keep saying its a show is a bunch of noobs. Stay home or stay flushed.


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