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Manila: Ronac Art Center

If I had an option to build a building the way I wanted, it would be the Ronac Art Center minus the Gym. I’ll explain that a bit later but this place is awesome. Toys, Sports Gym, Art Gallery, Sneaker Stores, and eateries.. you really can’t ask for anything more.

Secret Fresh. You dont need any more description but it’s a toy store with books and little nicknacks.

There’s also something secret.. Just past the double doors next to the counter are stairs up to a private gallery. Well not so private if you goto the openings but if you didnt know, you’d miss the cool part of the building.

On the 3rd floor like a full size gym. Can you say awesome? Design is on point. If this were my building, it would be a little gymkana for cars to practice sliding on drift karts.

Meet Jojo. He used to blog on here. I think he might again.. :) Well Jojo invited me to check out the Art center and on the 4th floor, there are a few sneaker shops. A consignment, a Bball, and a Skate shop called WeLegendary.

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Mark Arcenal

Mark Arcenal

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  1. 09/06/2011 at 11:43 am

    Damm manila has gone a long way catching up as counted a third world country…cant wait to see whats in store when i go back december. By the way marc how do we get our car on fatlace??ive always wanted to get a shoot or a post for my project but didnt know the requirements.