Formula Drift Long Beach: From the Grid to The Wall

The 2014 Formula Drift season kicked off last weekend in sunny Long Beach, CA. Everyone has been anticipating this first of 7 events in the US this year. The excitement …


Slammed Easter Sunday

4/20 is Slammed “EASTER” Sunday @illestOC featuring 714 Tires. We will have...

Nas performs at Coachella

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Lexus has revealed the new NX Compact Crossover which will...


Flashback to Slammed Society Guam 2013

Hafa Adai, It’s been awhile since I posted a blog...

Offset Kings | Formula Drift Long Beach

There’s nothing quite like warm weather and tire smoke in...

Tokyo ….in reverse.

Video by Simon Bouisson of the sites of Tokyo in...


Spotted: Fatlace Camera Strap

Photography has driven this site since day one and soon to be released is our first camera strap. It’ll fit all camera’s with standard strap fittings. We have 2 straps coming out, this one being a more standard style strap while the other is a shoulder quick release type of strap.

24 Responses to Spotted: Fatlace Camera Strap

  1. Definitely gonna need one! LMK

  2. DocVileOner

    As soon as it hits im buying one!!

  3. Dave

    SWEET! I was wondering when these would be coming out. Too many “not quite as cool” car sites/blogs were starting to come out with them.

  4. Gil A.

    You know what would be ill… a (right) “single hand” camera strap, stickers small enough for a lens hood, and black rapid style camera strap

  5. I’ve seen conceptual designs of the quick release type….it’s off the hook (no pun intended). Can’t wait until these come out….I’ll definitely be making a trip out to pick one up. Will trade for Filipino food from Union City…lol

  6. Miah.s

    ohhh damn it, I NEED one of these NOW !

  7. shoulder quick release.. yes!!

  8. Awesome! I think the quick release idea people are commenting about is a good idea.

  9. DOPE! ill take one! maybe an illest one if it comes out??

  10. can you make a illest strap?

  11. good idea! I’m going to get one for sure

  12. Awesome idea! Can’t wait to get one!

  13. xDurhamSFx

    Hell yeah!
    Hopefully drop with Illest doormat and fatlace carry bag!


  14. Wow Cool, I was looking for something like this, hopefully it comes out soon :D

  15. Ariel Sacote

    Diane and I could have sported this all around Chicago this past week! We’ll need to grab a fatlace and illest one before our next trip(s).


  17. MatthewN

    illest on would be cool, but i’m definitely going to get this. Very cool.

  18. I’ll need one for each of my four camera bodies! I’d be happy to field test them! :)

  19. *cough* social club winners’ prize *cough* :)

  20. raul gomez

    so when do these come out? i really want one


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