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Check out these shots of Kazu Imai’s USDM inspired Type-R sent to me from the homie Yuya Yasunari. This DC2 is no stranger to the USDM Jams going down over in Japan, so you may remember when it was rolling on Work Meisters. Well, he’s back with a refreshing change, a custom set of reversed LeMans.

Car: 1996 Honda Integra Type-R 96 Spec
Owner: Kazu Imai
Photo: Yuya Yasunari

ITR 98 spec engine swap
Shaved engine bay & wire tuck
A/C line tuck
4.785 final gear
5Zigen exhaust manifold
Mugen exhaust muffler
Carbon air intake
Innovative billet mount kit
+ 5mm raising the engine position
Koyo radiator
Skunk2 radiator cap
Samco radiator hose

Custom Red Mica Crystal paint job
J’s Racing carbon air intake duct
EDM tail lights

EDM gauge cluster
Defi water temp gauge

BBS LM 17×9.0J all around
Custom reverse mounted CNC machined center disk & lip
Gold Anodized center disk
Clear Anodized Lip
Gold Chrome Fasteners
Goodyear LS2000 195/40R17 all around

ROTORA 4-pot brake kit
Short front knuckle arms
Roll center adjuster
Reverse mounted tie rod end
BLOX front camber kit
Rear upper arm
Function7 LCA w/ spherical bearings

Cambered to perfection!

A set of red center caps would really make these LeMans pop.

8 Responses to USDM Jam DC2

  1. TerrorSwain

    I am lost. There is nothing USDM about that car. So why was it at the USDM jam?

    • Takashi

      Do yourself a favor and research what the USDM Jams are all about, then maybe you can answer your own questions without making useless assumptions. Also, while you’re at it check out some past coverage from these shows and tell me how many Fatlace/StanceWorks/Canibeat stickers, roof racks, US license plates, tucked bays, etc. you can count, unless you think they’re not a USDM thing also? Please think twice before replying again.

      • TerrorSwain

        Really Bro? You’re gonna be that big of an ass? If ya really wanna get technical. The stickers, and roof rack thing actually started as a Euro thing, not USDM. But hey who am I? I just make useless assumptions. BUT….if you read the list of mods to the car. Almost all are either JDM or EDM. So again, there is nothing USDM about the car. Alot of the stuff is copied here in the US. Now, rip me again….o and by the way, those are not US plates….douche

  2. Thebloggersaregettingworseandworse

    Apparently EDM tails and gauge cluster=USDM inspired…

  3. RocknRon

    One of the cleanest DC’s I’ve seen. Whether it’s USDM/JDM inspired..still Lookin’ fresh!

  4. this DC2 is hot!


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