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Once in a while you regret things in life and...


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Depth of Speed – JDM Legends Restored

Been meaning to put this one up. Josh Clason created this episode for Hypebeast TV and its definitely another amazing episode.

Josh writes “In our most captivating Depth of Speed episode to date, Josh Clason visits with JDM Legends’ Eric Bizek. The passion and love of Bizek towards vintage Japanese cars is all too apparent. He delves deep into the quality and craftsmanship of the cars as well as his own personal restoration process. While the contemporary iteration of the Skyline, the GT-R has gained massive praise for its engineering, let we not forget the past and where it all started.”

Check the video and lets hear what you have to say.


8 Responses to Depth of Speed – JDM Legends Restored

  1. Such beautiful cars, and I really respect the passion that this guy has for said cars. I would love to own a Hakosuka in the US, but sadly that’s a dream that’ll probably never come true. I’d settle for a 240z, as they’re just as beautiful.. but It’s just not a Skyline. Haha. Love the video.

  2. David

    I like to think people love this cars because people tend to cherish the things they DON’T have the most. I think that people in the future will remind present cars as we remind this cars.
    But I’ll give you this… This cars were the start of something great… With this cars, people stopped looking at cars as JUST a mean of transportation, instead they started to look at them as something beautiful and, mostly, powerful.
    Congratulations on having a job that makes you want to work more.

    Btw that celica sounds really great

  3. Reposting this on Superstancestars. Such a fantastic video to start the week. Its all about the craftsmanship, passion and love for these cars that bring us all together.

  4. jared

    what was the song called?

  5. MatthewN

    This video is amazing. I’m nearly in tears lol. I’m speechless, absolutely stunning cinematography. Fatlace, how do you do it? Thank you.

  6. Yes! Just waiting to have the time to go all in on my RA21!

  7. chris

    I might only be 16 but dam the beauty of the these two GTR’s is just amazing if i end up with money when i get older im buying a 69 and doing a lot of road trips with it but god i love these cars so much

  8. steve

    Gah This makes me wish my dad hadn’t gotten rid of his old celica. I really wish I had the cash and resources to build up a car like this.


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