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Dirty Hands

Harry Kim on the left, the director of Dirty Hands “The Art Crimes of David Choe” and the himself on the right, David Choe.

Mr. Choe is, how he puts it, a self proclaims man boy with no responsibilities. I call this the Peter Pan effect. A notion of how our minds refuse to grow up as our body gets older. It’s all about finding ways to peak at immaturity and doing whatever the hell that comes to mind. It’s the ultimate euphoria of self expression.

A couple of hours after the signing and watching his DVD, I have learned more then I ever have about this guy. I am not a fan of David Choe but the curiosity has beaten me to want to find out who this guy really is. Sometimes I think his antics are more forced then they are genuine…but then again, there really is no threaded guideline on how to be a complete lunatic. Like a tall tale, you just have to believe in the stories that were told before you.
Dave loves defiance. Set some guidelines on how to do something correct and the guy will piss on it and buttfuck it up the ass. I can definitely dig that.

And Chinatown just cause. This is the one SF district that I neglect the most. This is the famous China banks. Watch Dennis Busentiz destroy it below (0:44).

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