What’s New In Store: Everything You Need.

If you’re a collector and love making your room looking fresh today is the day that you need to step into our store because we just released our new Illest rug. If you’re into collecting bearbricks we just got in some throwback Stussy ones’ in red, blue and maroon. Are you a designer? We also got Stussy’s new design book. A must for anyone looking for inspirations. If you’re always on the go we got some stuff that definitely are things you need. Undefeated’s Play Dirty Bottle, Stussy Zippo Lighter and Coin Pouchs in black and blue. Want to look fresh too? We got the new Undefeated Pom Pom beanie. We only got a limited amount on each item so this weekend is the time to come by and grab because they might not be here afterwards.

Fatlace Japantown
1630 Post Street x Laguna

San Francisco, Ca. 94115

Hours: 12-7 Tuesday – Sunday / Closed Monday
Phone: 415.409.3281

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Fatlace Crew

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