Stayfresh Crew

A Hoonigan named Brian…

Headed out to LA for a special event, more on that next week…

Love getting upgraded to 1st class even if it’s an hour flight…
Leg room!
Scion iQ Press Launch Aug 2011 001

I love this pic & super by chance…
LA out the window…
Scion iQ Press Launch Aug 2011 003

Got picked up at the airport by my brother from another mother Brian Scotto & his lovely yet SUPER BUMMED broken ankle lady Jennifer…
Burgers and talking biznass, I love Brian, such a good dude…
Brians background reads like this: A NY’er, punk/metal listening, Audi/European car loving, 0-60 Magazine launching, Gymkhana making, Segway riding, Hoonigan pushing and that’s just the very short version….

We met on GUMBALL 3000 2005, the 1st time he had ever met Mr. Block himself as he wrote an article and rode with the Blocks in one of the infamous 3 GUMBALL 3000 DC Shoes Subaru’s from then on, good friends!
Scion iQ Press Launch Aug 2011 005

Took my by their crib-o in Venice on the canals… rad…
Scion iQ Press Launch Aug 2011 006

Brian, grinding behind his cluttered desk, the desk a sign of his commitment to his work, traveling, doing, marketing, etc…
Brian’s essentially Ken Block’s right hand man…
He’s currently working on a new project called HOONIGAN, be prepared it’s gonna be BIG!

Scion iQ Press Launch Aug 2011 007

I’ve known Brian for some time, he has a storied passionate automotive background that includes his “baby” 0-60 Magazine among just being a solid “car guy” but also he’s in the “Get it” crew…
This is his Porsche that in the next few months is getting some TLC! So pretty! I mean c’mon white with red leather guts, hard as nails!!!!!
Scion iQ Press Launch Aug 2011 008

You can thank me later….

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