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Event Coverage ~ Torres Empire Lowrider Car Show ~ Los Angeles


This show was one for the history books.  It has been years since a Lowrider show this size was held in Los Angeles so you know  many car clubs and individuals worked all year to make this show. A lot of time and money got cars done and there was plenty of new cars and re-done cars at the show. One of the most talked about and anticipated line ups to be at the show was Los Angeles’ Lifestyle Car Club. The club was at 72 cars the night before the show but lost two on the way to the show. Because of the fire marshal’s changes to the floor plan the club was not able to call in replacements. For those that thought the club brought out all of the club cars, they had a few more waiting in the bull pen just in case! Here are a couple of the club cars that were freshened up for the show.

We were fortunate enough to get access to the catwalks of the convention center to capture the show from the top. If you saw my Facebook post you saw that I posted a phone photo that shows part of the Lifestyle Car Club line up. I’m still not sure if I am going to post any of the photos we took overhead online. I will probably just save them for Lowrider.

Elite, Imperials, SouthSide, Los Angeles, Premier, Traditionals and Majestics showed up strong and busted out some new rides! These clubs were not the only ones who brought new rides. In the words of Lowrider Magazine Editor Joe Ray “There are three years worth of magazines in this show!”. There was a lot to see so Stephanie & I had our work cut out for us.  But like I said last night, it was worth it and we’d do it all over.

Albert De Alba’s 63 Impala “El Rey” ~ Dedicated to his father in law. He had Mariachis come and play at the show but unfortunately we missed them.

Tino from Style Unlimited CC Chevy Bomb made over by master painter Danny D Galvez.

Majestics Car Club Impala that was recently featured in a  issue of Lowrider Magazine.

Chris Field’s 62 Impala “The 7th Letter” Premier Car Club

Both Clowney & Steve busted out their revamped two wheel masterpieces at the show.

SouthSide Car Club brought out a lot of beautiful rides as always!

Los Angeles Car Club’s line up was anchored with Mexico’s 58 Impala “El Patron”.

What a great color combination on this 58 Impala from Traditionals CC.

We have thousands of photos from this weekend. It will take a while to get through them all. This is just a small sample of what was to be seen at the show. If you made it to the show, you know what I mean. If you missed the show, you missed history in the making. I know there was some logistical issues on Saturday and hopefully they were worked out and if there is a show next year, Torres Empire will have fixes in place to ensure all goes well. Hats off to Torres Empire for doing what many said could not be done.

3 Responses to Event Coverage ~ Torres Empire Lowrider Car Show ~ Los Angeles

  1. The dedication and detail that goes into Lowriders is amazing!

  2. Premier Car Club is rocking, by the way photography is cool as well.

  3. @Jhooks ~ A lot of people don’t realize the blood, sweat and tears.

    @LA Events ~ Premier CC is one of the best of the best car clubs. Thanks!


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