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Hello Friend

So as I was flying to Tokyo today to meet with our new neighbors RWB, aka RAUH-Welt Begriff, the new sign next to the Paddock was installed. Exciting times! Can’t wait to see customers leave with huge smiles on their faces. There’s going to be a grand opening in October and will feature the first 2, possibly 3, RWB cars made here in the USA. Can’t wait!

RAUH-Welt Begriff USA
801 South Amphlett Blvd
San Mateo, CA 94402
email | rauhweltusa {at} gmail.com

And since I’m in Tokyo, Kenta, Noah and I went to meet with Nakai-San and Toshi at RWB Headquarters. More photos will be posted but thought I’d share a few. Here’s one from inside the garage. So much swag inside, crazy.

Lunch at a local spot. Good food.

Three blind mice.

One last look at awesomeness.

15 Responses to Hello Friend

  1. godofredo pineda jr

    I can’t wait for the us shop to open.

  2. kenny


  3. Edo

    Awesome. I love how Nakai-San is all business. Toshi-San looks pretty excited too! Looking forward to more action with RWB!

  4. Eric R

    I know porsches will be its home. But any possibility for RWB to expand its work to other platforms (in addition to its previous s-chassis & AE86 work) here in the US?

    • We briefly talked about other cars and he mentioned there’s no sign outside that says “Porsche Only”. He’s loves all cars and you know he’s done other cars. I think it can work but for now in the US, itll be porsche.

  5. This is one of the coolest things to happen to the auto scene in the states. I love the introduction of RWB to the USA. Major props Mark for making things happen on a big level!

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  7. so if Nakai-San builds all the RWB cars in japan, who’s going to be building them in the US? that aside this is a huge step in the right direction!

    • He personally will be flying in making each car himself. It’s what you’re paying for. Not something off the shelf. There will also be RWB branded parts & accessories coming out soon.

      • Chico

        I was worried that the soul and spirit that makes RWB would be lost, glad to hear that he will be doing the work on the cars. He’s going to be a busy man.

      • That is awesome! I bet he is juiced that his brand has really gone to the next level.

  8. Alex

    We’ll see how many broke-ass college students can fork out $18000 for a genuine RWB bodykit for their porsches.
    Excellent marketing plan Mark.

    • probably not many.. but RWB isn’t going to be marketed towards any certain market. It’s for people that love Porsche. There’s a difference. There’s 3 RWB cars being built at the moment in the US and many expect alot more things from them aside from body kits.

  9. Alex

    Like I said, excellent marketing plan.
    Your followers (people that are into Fatlace/ Illest/ Hellaflush) can’t afford Porsches, let that alone RWB kit along with a set of rims, suspension and engine mods (in other words, a true genuine RWB Porsche).
    With that said. To whom are you trying to address RWB? (it’s none of my business, and you’re entitle to not answer my question), but there are quite a few established Porsche-tuning shop here in the Bay Area already, I’m just saying….
    I would hate to see Mr. Nakai not doing well here in the US with such a poor economy.
    Both you and I know that 3 RWB Porsches are not enough to keep you afloat in this harsh economy, and selling a couple of shirts don’t help either.
    Best luck to you, or to him I should say.


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