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MOCA: Art in the streets – Final Day.

Yesterday afternoon, A friend and I took the day to visit the “Art in the streets” final day over at MOCA. We been meaning to go for a couple weeks now but got super caught up. Being its last day of course we were expecting a huge amount of people. Oh little did we know…. Not only was it in its last day but it was also free, Courtesy of Bansky himself. So all hell broke loose! haha.

“I don’t think you should have to pay to look at graffiti. You should only pay if you want to get rid of it.” – Bansky

I’ve heard so many good things about this place. When our customers come into Illest Boutique and kept talking about how good it was and how I should go. Obviously I had to see it for myself. Overall the museum was very dope. The exhibits were amazing and enjoyed it much. I myself never really been to Art events/showcases so it was definitely a great experience.

I still do wish I got to go on a earlier day. Just so I could avoid the swarm of people and enjoy each room a bit more. But Nevertheless still dope.

Anyways enjoy guys!

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