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Towards the end of the Golden Age of hip-hop, the 90s, there was an  underrated group that brought a more alternative and mellow vibe from the genre, Nappy Roots. Although they formed in 1995,they independently released their first album in 1999, and showed us the very essence and soul of the south, proving their was more to the south than just dance moves and white tees.

I remember first hearing about this guys, it was some time during high school, soon enough I saw them doing an interview on MTV.  In this particular interview all members seemed very humbled and down to earth, and in my opinion continue to do so.

Each member of the group, is lyrically talented in their own respect, but the lyrics especially brought out emotion and reached people. People were able or still can relate to their songs such as “Po’ Folks” or “Good Day.” They rhymed on being poor in Kentucky, showcasing the diversity of the south, and the horror of being poor doesn’t have a color. Although their music has always been truth, it seems as they evolved in it, there were more and more positive vibes with each album.

Between my b-boy friends and the influential hip-hop artists of the 90s, I had a higher appreciation for hip-hop, and it made me want to seek out more. What group from the 90s influenced you?

-Andre Kim










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