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S15 Finland

I contacted Marcus Hyden a month back about getting some photos together for Fatlace. I think his car is perfect for a feature. It’s clean and subtle enough yet aggressive enough at the same time to let know he loves his Silvia. He imported this car to Finland early in 2010 with the intention of modding this car and driving it to the fullest. He tells me the Japanese tuning culture has blown up in Finland in the last few years. JDM rides are being imported regularly to his area. Marcus has one of the three or four total S15′s in Finland that are road legal. Possibly because they are newer than most JDM cars they go for a serious penny. They are even more than R32 and R33 Skylines. This car is his daily driver now. He has the ride height set to be a reasonable car also. It could be lower he says, but this is perfect for the way he uses it. Marcus’ next plan is to buy a car that is more common in the USA, but is not a very common car in Finland. I hope we can get a feature together for that ride when it happens too!

Wheels & tires
- Work Meister S1 3-piece wheels, Front: 18×9 +18, Rear: 18×10 +18
- Toyo Proxes T1R tires, Front: 215/35, Rear: 245/35
- Work lightweight lugnuts
- Rolled and pulled arches

- Nismo steel braided brakehoses

- Jic Magic coilovers
- Ikeya Formula Traction adjuster rods
- Ikeya Formula Rear upper arms
- Ikeya Formula Pillow tension rods
- Ikeya Formula Rear toe adjuster rods
- Cusco front strut brace
- Cusco rear strut brace

- Full 3″ Titanium Apex exhaust-system
- Z32 airflow-meter
- HKS mushroom filter
- 600x300x76mm intercooler
- Synapse SB001 dumpvalve
- Apex’i Power Fc Engine management system
- Apex’i AVC-R electric boost controller
- Walbro 255l/h fuelpump
- HKS turbotimer
- VAG ignition coils
- Performance clutch (stiffer and harder, no knowledge of model or maker)
- 1,5 way LSD (no knowledge of model or maker)
- 740cc injectors
- Steel braided water- and oil-lines from turbocharger
- Driftworks rocker arm stoppers
- Nismo oilcap
- Nismo 1,3bar radiatorcap
- Brisk Iridium sparkplugs
- twin electric cooling fans
- Carbonfibre coolingpanel
- Carbonfibre coilpack cover

- 318,3 Hp / 347,25 lb/ft @ 1,23bar

- Wise Square’s led tail-lights
- Nissan badge removed from rear
- Cobra 6000K xenon headlights
- Shaved frontbumber
- Modified rearbumber

- Apex’i PFC commander
- Apex’i AVC-R control unit
- HKS turbotimer
- Carbonfibre radio- and gearlever-surround
- Nismo carbonfibre shiftknob
- JASDesign’s leather gearlever- and handbrake covers
- Leather covered dashboard

- Alpine IVA-W502R 2DIN touch-screen multimediaplayer
- DLS 960 rear speakers
- Alpine PXA-H100 digitalprocessor
- Focal K2 Power 165 KR 2-way component system

A special thanks to Photographer Santtu Kilpinen. You can check his other photos here http://www.flickr.com/photos/42184481@N04/

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