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Spocom USA Coverage


This Saturday (Happy 86′ Day! )the crew and I made our way out to Anaheim Convention Center for Spocom USA. This event actually started around 4PM a bit later than I’m used too. Kinda felt like going to HIN back in the days haha. It was held indoor with a nice breeze of fresh airconditoning, No complaints from me! I wasn’t looking forward to getting beat down by the sun so this worked out perfectly ;]

There was a bit more variety which was pretty dope. some not really my cup of tea but hey that’s me. There were tons of cars and a great amount of people, Overall a great event. This was first big event since my 3 1/2 month vacation. so it was great seeing all dope rides and friends I haven’t seen in Forever!

Thanks for all the welcome backs really appreciated it. Thanks to Antonio Alvendia @ MotorMavens/Spocom for having us.

Shout out to: Motor Mavens Crew, Lowballers, Royal Origin, Alex @ Wheelflip.com, AutoFashionUSA, Phaze2, Noel @ Canibeat, Night-Import, M2 Motorsports, Big Mike, Joey @ The Chronicles, Formula Drift and In&Out for amazing dinner! hahaha

Till next time, Enjoy.

14 Responses to Spocom USA Coverage

  1. Brian Hashimoto

    nice coverage Yogi

  2. offsets

    #smurfcoloredcars is trending

  3. great coverage Yogi :)

  4. i remember that crooks wagon @ autocon! should of got some light to hit it to see the reflectors on the decals.

  5. Stephen L

    The last picture is a Vertical Plank =P

  6. Luke Angeles

    Awesome stuff…I swear I need to become more knowledgeable about the peoples associated with fatlace. I would’ve recognized you there, since I was there toooooooooo. :)

  7. nimo + miguel sexy time pic = win

  8. edwin

    what kind of wheels does that minty z have?? they look nice…

  9. good job yogi and thanks!!!! sorry didnt see you. next time for sureeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. tom

    The pic of that Honda Z600 Coupe looks FRESH. Not only does it capture the car very nicely, it also perfectly captures SPOCOM in the moment.


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