I was digging through some older photos, and I came across these pics I took in 2010 at Bimmerfest. I was messing around with a bunch of older Canon’s then. I had a $20 Canon A540 I bought off of Ebay that I put a cheap wide angle adapter on. I used that to mess around that day at Bimmerfest. This car caught my eye. I know the guy now as one of the fender rolling gurus in Socal. He’s also a supporter of our Hellaflush events. I’ve seen him at our last HF in Venice Beach showing off his fender rollers in the back window of his E30 Sedan. So check out his ride and a unique set of really good fitting wheels.

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  1. MatthewN
    26/08/2011 at 4:12 pm

    this is my favorite gen of bmw…

    • 26/08/2011 at 7:04 pm

      me too! that’s why I’ve had three… looking to get a fourth later this year specifically to drift

  2. Pete
    28/08/2011 at 12:49 pm

    I thought I recognized that BMW. Tony is awesome at what he does and helped with rolling my IS250 fenders. Awesome ride too!

  3. Joe
    29/08/2011 at 7:37 pm

    That car looks freakin crazy in the flesh, spot on fitment. Tony rolled and pulled the fenders on my TC, totally knows his stuff, great guy and great car.

  4. Kevin
    30/08/2011 at 9:03 am

    Tony’s e30 is legendary with those rims. I’d let him molest my next car after he did a nice job on my Speed3.

  5. daniel
    30/08/2011 at 7:30 pm

    i knew i recognized that car… yup best roller in the socal… thats just how tony rolls!!