Formula Drift Long Beach: From the Grid to The Wall

The 2014 Formula Drift season kicked off last weekend in sunny Long Beach, CA. Everyone has been anticipating this first of 7 events in the US this year. The excitement …


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Wekfest Chicago!

With less than 3 weeks left, Chicago Wekfest is going to go down. Make sure to tell all your friends friends, homies homies to come out and check out thee best rides Chicago and its surrounding states has to offer. It’ll be good to see all of you’s.

We recently held a pre-meet together with the folks of Canibeat and Fizz Autosport and we thank you tons for coming out and supporting. There were quite a lot of people to come to the meet and we’re hoping to see you there at the main event. Here’s some photos from the quick Chi-town visit.

McCormick Place is a HUGE venue. I was thinking about hosting a b-boy battle like we did at HF Hawaii. It actually turned out pretty awesome.

Before the meet we visited a bunch of friends stores. St. Alfred’s was one of them and picked up these NB 576′s.

Passed by Ill Garage. Nice folks there.

And also passed by Touge Factory and TF Works. Dave’s been a friend for a long time now. He’s got a solid operation handling Rocket Bunny, Origin, Version Select and their suspension company, Stance.

Here’s daves daily driver.

And here’s AJ’s car we’re hoping will be ready for wekfest chicago. I think it can make it.. I think it can. Can you tell what car this is?

Josh’s car is super rad.

And I keep forgetting its RHD.

I like this headlight.

Phillips cute little drifter car.. :)

Mike’s BMW with a taste of JDM.

6 Responses to Wekfest Chicago!

  1. beill

    i’m pretty sure that SR20 is in a E30?

  2. @tattoo24v

    ooh, cant wait to see that E30/RB swap i am guessing? lets hope he has it done :)

  3. DarkSupra

    That’s an E30 isn’t it?
    Can’t wait to see more of it!

  4. E30 with a SR20 swap…

  5. Andrew Skoda

    Definitely a vert e30 with an sr20 ;)

  6. Nice! I like how the E30 has braces welded to where the struts mount up instead of having a strut bar, SO CLEAN. I’m going to be driving from Ann Arbor to Chicago so I can go to Wekfest, so stoked!


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