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Eat Real Festival 2011 @ Jack London Square

Looking back on Saturday, all I can recall is FOOD. We started our day at Peter’s Bakery in San Jose (who have the best burnt almond cakes and pastries, BTW), then to Jack London Square for the Eat Real Festival. The great thing about going on this particular day was unlike last year’s visit, this year was overcast. It wasn’t even that “Aww, poo, it’s-too-cold.” type of overcast either. The sun peeked through the clouds to hug us with it’s warmth every-other-hour, but it stayed tolerably cool with just a hoodie on. It was lovely. The lines at almost every spot were packed.

I personally came back this year for two reasons:

1. My boyfriend was flying in from LA for the weekend.

2. El Porteño’s Champaniones Empanadas. That is all.=)

Nuff Said!

Sexy Fries @ CurryUpNow.
I was seriously excited to have this because I love Indian food and sweet potato fries THAT MUCH. The levels of flavors in the tikka masala alone is legit, I LOVE all things spicy, but I give it a thumbs down for being too spicy. Good but not sexy.


Anchor Steam Beer.
$8 bucks for a cup you get to keep. Shouts out to the homie, John for pluggin a free refill on the booze!

Brisket Grilled Cheese @ G.B.D.

coolin’ out on the lawn listening to Michael Jackson and watching a food demonstration.

We also stopped by the Whole Foods photo booth to take a polaroid with our own personalized signs. Jon asked the guy to make him one that says “Valley Boy” and I asked him to make one for me that says “CA ALL DAY”… dot dot dot…


Cool thing about the sign I had custom made was it immediately got picked up by passer-byers requesting to take photos with it: 

We crossed the bridge after the festival to have coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee Co.


Hope yall have been enjoying your weekends.

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  1. 30/09/2011 at 3:03 pm

    Great post, looked like a great event… Liking the Anchor steam in the rad glasses…