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Forza4 Exclusive Game Play

Hey guy!

Recently we got a special invite from our friends over at the ID Agency.  We had the chance for an advanced game play of the new Forza Sequel before it hit shelves in October. Kinda cool to be some of the first to touch this game :) I’ll be honest I’m a PS3 owner, haha uh oh.  I myself has never owned a Xbox. So naturally you and I myself thought I’d be a bit bias about the game. At least coming from a GT5 fanboy standpoint, Luckily I was wrong.  The game was tons of fun. I was very impressed with the overall game play & features throughout the game . I think I’m gunna be a xbox owner soon *bites nails Haha*.

Spotted some flushness next door! Royal Origin 350z

My oh my!



A small tour of the ID Agency

John P racing suite

The kid inside me was very excited when we got inside. haha.

The event was hosted by Forza’s Creative Director himself, Dan Greenawalt of Turn10. He went in depth on the new advancements in  game. Which let me tell you VERY awesome.

Also showed a very cool demonstration with the xBox kinect. While viewing you car in the garage the console can pick up your movements. You can pop your hood just with a lifting motion, Open your doors by grabbing your door handle & even just walk up closer to see the body lines of your car. All without a controller… way sick!

Joining me during the event, Vince@Illest , & Mizzark@Phaze2

Another cool thing I was very excited about is they added some of my favorite tracks to Forza4 :) some tracks I cant even get on GT5 :( womp womp fail.

You can either race on Road Atlanta or Drift through the Touges of Japan!

After a crash course on all the features of the game and a Q&A later. We finally got to play.

To the consoles we hop on!

Ming & Mizzark got straight to the point and started racing! Both enjoying it very much.


after a couple road races. We got straight to the point! DRIFTING! hahaha.
I remember someone saying “…you Fatlace guys would” hahaha
Ming choosing the AE86

Mizzark & Vince drifting down the touge.


Vince very into it.

This very sick and very well put together M3 on display.

Spotted our buddy John P. chatting up w/ some press folk

One of the Turn10 hosts came by to show us some really cool online features. You can actually compete with your friends by beating each other scores online. Both players though do not need to be online together to do this. Your opponents/friends ghost will be stored online for you to beat his top score! Impressive.

Ming trying to beat some of the Turn10’s Empoyees top scores online.

As you can see Mizzarks enjoying this much.

I think if we didn’t pull each other of those chairs we would of been there till night.

Overall the game is pretty freekin awesome. The overall customization of your cars and variety throughout the game is Win Win. There shouldn’t be any disappointments!  You’ll have to play it for yourself to experiance the whole greatness of this nicely  put together simulation. Now time for me to get to a bestbuy or frys. haha Enjoy!

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  1. 29/09/2011 at 6:36 pm

    good times guys. Thanks for the invite! shout out to @turn10, I can’t wait to get my copy

  2. Rick Osborne
    30/09/2011 at 5:08 pm

    Awesome guys, I am a huge Forza fan and also frequent what are your gamertags? if you play forza online it would be cool if I could meet you guys and we could chat and race it up online.

  3. Rick Osborne
    30/09/2011 at 5:08 pm

    My gamertag is iCON DESIGN …. if anyone reading this or from fatlace wants to hit me up online.

  4. Frozzy
    30/09/2011 at 5:46 pm

    I am a huge Gran Turismo fan but I too look foward to this game