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Minty Fresh

Cruising around town in Minty Fresh’s Z is quite and experience. Going by passing cars you can see people point and stare as they see the custom Tiffany Blue paint job with a maple pearl. The Aerosync front bumper is literally on the ground hitting everything that get’s in the way, it’s crazy to see how low the front lip sits to the ground. The front & rear fenders were custom pulled to fit the extreme stretched VIP MODULAR Vxs-210′s. 18×11 fronts and 18×12 rears on  Nankangs NS-II 235/40 fronts  and rears 245/40. The G35 swapped engine and the straight pipe with a cherry bomb resonator growls super loud as we scream pass unsuspecting tourist the Vegas strip dodging uneven roads and reflectors… – LOWBALLERS / ROYAL ORIGIN / STAY LURKN




26 Responses to Minty Fresh

  1. Mintyfresh

    Thank you neek for the feature Love the video and the pictures awesome!!!!

  2. Hahaha that speed bump reminds of somebody elses car ;)

  3. i love this song…

    especially when im in LAS freekin VEGAS.

  4. offsets

    why make a video and not show the car driving?jkjk but 4 real

    does he have to fix the front end after he hitsstuff/drives? you can see the huge gap the speedbump caused?


  5. Twenty Fours

    Nice way to ruin a car…

    no air bags, too small and ugly wheels, stupid exhaust pipe.

    • Ken

      Your on the wrong site boy.

      • seth

        If those wheels are too small i don’t know what you’re running. beautiful car man. I’m with Ken on this one. low and slow all day. If the wheels were bigger the ride height would be sacrificed, and thats not cool.

  6. I would make sweet, sweet, tender love to this Z…

  7. RJ

    why are the wheels not pink anymore?? nevertheless.. such a sexy car

  8. Fatlace Motorsports

    Looks awesome, love everything about this Z.

    //Brian Hashimoto

  9. Looks much better without the pink wheels.

  10. Ken

    So sick, what happen to pink anodized wheels?

    • Mintyfresh

      I got bored with it… The pink was cool but after couple of months just get tiring seeing it everyday.

  11. John

    That looks terrible. I’d be embarrassed to drive that ugly thing.

    • Mintyfresh

      Thanks I am embarrassed everyday cuz its my daily.

      To each person, his own opinion.

  12. themuzeR

    how about a rolling shot. i wanna see sparks. better yet, sell the wheels and burn the rest to the ground

  13. Lolwtfbbq

    This car is so over played. He has wheels and is lowered with an ugly color, whoopdeedoo. Shoot something worth it.

  14. I used to have mixed feelings about this car. Never liked the pink wheels and the rear fenders are a bit much. But the new wheels really pull the car together. Its simple. Low. And loud. I love it.

  15. marcus

    We used to drive our cars that low back in the 80′s in P.R. but our bumpers were square and we didn’t have problem scraping the nose. Our worry was getting stuck on a speedbump.that Z must have alot of flex in the paint on that front spoiler.

  16. Sev

    what’s the title of that song???

  17. charky torres

    why do haters hate dis car..

    it looks better den what ya’ll drive and has more coverages den anyone else

    keep your shittt up minty n keep ur car fresh like you do everyday !

  18. uhhh…. can we get some HQ pics plz?


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