31 Oct 2011

Midnight Swim

We’re on a rooftop in the Mission this year for Halloween 2011. This is one of those parties where you go with someone that knows someone else that wants to bang some guy that she met at another party before this one. I just go where the alcohol is. Stop

Screen shot 2011-10-30 at 1.04.42 AM
30 Oct 2011

RWB.. Sema.. FFTEC Tuning..

As we arrived to pick up the first RWB Porsche ever built in the US, we were lucky to catch it on its dynotune. FFTEC of Hayward put a light tune before the Sema Show so we could cruise it around without having to scare anyone on the strip. At

29 Oct 2011

STAGE 4: Phase 3 ‘”Cage work and a little tube chassis work”‘

STAGE 4: Phase 3 ‘”Cage work and a little tube chassis work”‘  Okay it is that time again folks. Let’s start it off right with some damn good beer. Beer of choice is Maui Brewing Co. ‘CoCoNut Porter,’ and damn this is a really good beer, brewed with 6 varieties

28 Oct 2011

Final Pre-SEMA Fiat Post

It’s friday… SEMA is tuesday. You can be assured that come Tuesday, you will all be able to see our finished product but we have a few pics to show off before the final revelation. We are very excited about this car and the project as a whole and are

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28 Oct 2011

RAUH-Welt Begriff x Idlers

Fatlace TV presents a short feature documentary about the Idlers Games racing events in Japan. The real spirit of motorsport has nothing to do with lap times or pole positions it all boils down to individuals who enjoy driving cars and sharing the sport with other like minded people. We

28 Oct 2011

Vancouver Poutine Festival | November 19

WHAT IS POUTINE EXACTLY? Well, Let me tell you! Poutine is hot gravy and melted cheesecurds on fries. It can come with several toppings like bacon, onions and anything else (more cheese?) It is a very celebrated Canadian speciality that’s rooted moreso in Eastern Canada (Quebec, stand up!) Anyone want

28 Oct 2011

Queens, Vancouver | Winter 2011 Lookbook

I had blogged about Queens’ inception over the summer time earlier this year. The company, (ran by the amazing Rose Raflores) has been blossoming in the city. Here’s a sneak peak at their Winter 2011 lookbook- featuring Vancouver’s own, Emmalyn Estrada. Check their website for the whole lineup. Official Website

28 Oct 2011

BeerMo Bottle Mustaches

This is certainly charming. Buy yours for $10.99. The BeerMo™ Bottle mustache is available in six colors: Black, Brown, hot pink, yellow, ginger(red/orangish) and St.Patty’s Green! BEERMO FEATURES: • Made of hygienic silicone • Can easily fit any typical bottle • Lightweight and easily carried (via GoPantone)

28 Oct 2011

Illest Beats By Dre giveway at Sema

Sema is just around the corner and we’re super pumped to unveil the Illest RWB Porsche built by Rauh Welt Begriff and FFTEC. We’ve just finished the tune and super excited to show her off. Inside the car you’ll also find a pair of the Illest Beats By Dre. also….

28 Oct 2011

Fatlace TV: Formula D Irwindale Recap

Fatlace hits Formula Drift round 7 in Irwindale, CA. The last event of the season and boy was it probably the most eventful drift event I have ever attended. The battle for 1st place in both Rookie of the Year and also the FD Champion was down to the wire!!!