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Fatlace Japantown: Who’s In Store – Joey, Marques & Derek

This past week we had some great supporters come by and chopped it up a bit. Joey & Marques from Anitoch who as true supporters both got an illest tattoo which is encouraging myself to get one and Derek from Pittsburgh who’s been in the drift game for the longest while driving various s13s to his recent pick up of a s14. Thanks for coming by!


Fatlace Japantown
1630 Post Street x Laguna

San Francisco, Ca. 94115

Hours: 12-7 Tuesday – Sunday / Closed Monday
Phone: 415.409.3281

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Fatlace Japantown: Who's In Store?

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Fatlace Crew

Fatlace Crew

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At first glance, Fatlace is your typical shop with dope beats, comfy sneaks and kids from car meets but stay a while and discover the details that set this place apart from your usual street boutique. Chill with the crew, grab some free candy and enjoy the exquisiteness that is The Paddock. You can also check out our online emporium where we carry all of our latest product.


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  2. 12/10/2011 at 12:39 am

    Hey guys,
    I’m a local SF designer that is looking to get some of my stuff in boutiques. As of now, I have logo tees, snapbacks, and custom sewn hoodies catering to the fixed gear scene that is now booming in the city. I’m and avid cyclist and looking to produce more clothing for the active customer that doesn’t want to look like a dumbass when he/she gets off the saddle. I like my clothes to be stylish enough to wear out on the town, but remaining functional to withstand the task at hand. Hide & Haru is the name of my company and I have pasted the link to my FB fan page. Check out my stuff if you can and let me know if it’s anything worthy of being in the shop. I really dig your guys’ shop and have been a fan of you guys since the start. keep it up.

    Nicky Nagai