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The Chronicals 3rd Year Anniversary Meet & Standard Function Ride


This past saturday my goodfriend of ‘The Chronicals” Joey Lee threw a meet at the infamous Eibach Springs facility out in Corona. Celebrating his 3rd year anniversary of his very poplular Honda dedicated blog.   I am a Honda owner just minus two wheels haha.  I hit up my boys over at StandardFunctions: Parts & Scooters to see if we can bring a small group of Honda Ruckus to come out and show some love. We put a good last minute group of riders to come out and ride. Usually we would all be down to ride a long distances but this was a tad to far for us. It was at least a 1 1/2-2 hour ride each way :X. So we decided to truck them out to a near by location. Also had some of our hommies Chicago come out and visit so we wanted them to show them a good time. The meet turn out great! Some of the Honda scenes best builds & builders came out to show some support.
It was great seeing everyone. Especially people I haven’t seen in months & years!
Congratulations to Joey Lee on a successful three years!
Plenty more

Till next time

www.ImportTuner.com – Chicago Photographer Jonathan Domingo

Great thing about this meet it started @ 1PM so we definitely were well rested for this meet :)
Met the boys up @ StandardFunction

Ming Ly@Standard loading up the bikes


Our boys visiting from Chi-Town. Jonathan Domingo (On the bike) & Sonny Chan.
Jonathan Domingo is actually a Photographer for ImportTuner. He shot the cover of this months issue! sick!

KevinDunn @ StandardFunctions loading up the other bike aka Maggie

10X10 Rear wheel! wow.

Proonze LV Ruckus. This bike is way too sick. Sound system, Integrated GPS, Custom custom custom. I cant begin to describe.

Loaded up and ready to go!

met up and another riders house out in Corona. Grabbing some shade in this blazing weather -_-! We were definitely getting dehydrated

Jonathan got to ride Maggie for the day. What a lucky man.


LongBaller Zuma Swaped Ruckus.

Riding out to Eibach.

Finally made it! Sorta fashionably late :P We’ve all done it.

The auto fashion booth getting swamped

AF Freddy

Rodrez of Honda Tuning

Joey Lee the man himself. Grabbed a shot of him running around. Running meets is always hectic. Trust me I know the pain.

Sid in the fit



Arnells airing the sedan up.

You may remember Arnells old EG way back when. A HellaFlush Alumni and one of the most popular cars on HellaFlush.com :P

Phaze2 Salem on the right & DJ Murdock Photography flossin it in the middle. Congrats to him on his photo used in the UK Sony AD Campaign!

Justin Fong of Autocon. Rolling up in his Civic.

Leon Casinos CRX

Another congratulations to Leon and his new Baby boy!  Baby Leon Tae-Yang Casino!
So many congrats today on this post.

Holly Lee & Baby Leon.

what a lucky babe….

Jeff@Royal Origin


Saw a Illest Badge on a valve cover. Thats new.

RoyalOrigin & Keychain Both HF Alumni

Sloppys Honda Fit

Ming and the Chicago guys figuring out what to do w the HelloKitty Bow


after a long day of heat, riding, sweating in our helmets, towing, & traffic. We rewarded ourselves with some Coffee shops in Westminster… Teee heee heeee….

sorry No Coverage for that! lol….

After that dropped off the bikes at the Headquarters & GUBBED!
Went to Boiling Crab. a Local favorite. My 2nd time honestly. It was DEEEE Licious !

Great time, Good Company!
Myself, Jonathan Domingo, Sonny Chan, Kevin Dunn, Jessica, Sherry, Ming, David & Bryant!

7 Responses to The Chronicals 3rd Year Anniversary Meet & Standard Function Ride

  1. enjoyed reading it! great coverage!

  2. Great post Yogi !

  3. matthnightingale

    awesome, loved it. Those ruckus’ are so rad!

  4. I was trying to make it out there, but just had too many things on my plate that day… nice write up!

  5. Fucking awesome converage Yogi! Thanks for the share amigo!


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