TRIBE Agency FIAT 500 Revealed

Tribe’s FIAT500 Alpha Bravo project finally unveiled. Tribe has revamped the FIAT into a extreme sport based, fully equipped vehicle action vehicle. This FIAT stands out from the crowd, it inspires people to think in a different way.

Our rendering shows off the Fiat’s sleek new look. Custom Inno sports rack, exterior finish by Wraptivo and Meguiars, air lift suspension, and 6015-T6 forged wheels wrapped in Falken tires to braFIAT500 Invitationve all conditions.

Remember to check it out at SEMA 2011 at the Meguiar’s Crazy Booth, and photos and videos will be up Nov. 1st, 2011.

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Mark Arcenal

Mark Arcenal

Founded Fatlace in 1999. Lived the Agency life for over a decade and then moved to client side launching the biggest brand Nike has to date, NSW as the Global Digital Lead. Today, he's the Creative Director for Fatlace and clothing line, Illest, overseeing 3 retail stores, and a design studio in California and Hawaii.


  1. 24/10/2011 at 7:18 pm

    That Fiat looks sick! I wonder if my 6’3″ self could fit in one? I think I might look funny stepping out of slammed Fiat though.

  2. themuzeR
    25/10/2011 at 3:34 am

    yeah that definitely looks all terrain

  3. Animator480
    26/10/2011 at 9:22 am

    I’m feelin it. Seen a couple here in Phx already with aftermarket wheels. Cant wait for SEMA.

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