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Hot Import Nights – Los Angeles Convention Center! 1 Week Away!

On December 3rd 2011 will be the return of the famous and one of the originators Hot Import Nights. Its been years on top of years since I’ve heard from this show or even being around. The very cool part its being brought back to you by the original producers of HIN. Recently the staff contacted us and invited us to showcase at the Los Angeles Convention Center which is only one week away! I’m very thrilled and excited for this event Its been years!  We’ll be displaying a variety of cars from Drift, Slammed, Grip, VIP & Hellaflush brought to you by yours truly. The event is just one week away. Tickets are available on the site for pre order!  More info at

See you guys there!
Make sure to come visit us at the Fatlace Booth


Fatlace showcase Preview.



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  1. Christina L. Ochoa
    26/11/2011 at 11:03 pm

    Yogi is BadAsS :) hes a very kind FeLLa and made my first visit to the iLLest LA boutique one of the best! Thanks yogi! And your a great author too 😉