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It is almost certain if we’re rolling around in any country with our main dude VersaKyle of Sezio Camp, we’re going to definitely find the all of the spots we’ve been aiming to see…unintentionally. And that is exactly what happened when we treked around London’s Soho region and turned on Peter Street. Our intentions were to cruise down that block on our way to Camden Town to check out digs with Mr. Spektograf. Lo+Behold, we reached 2 Peter Street and there she was in it’s classic black storefront motif + red-boxed branding. We were blessed to have permission to take a few photos of the legendary Mark Gonzales‘ artwork+store interiors.


If you’re ever in LondonTown, please come check them out. The folks there are genuinely helpful and come correct on the knowledge of the product. 1LOVE to Mr. Dan [Jagger] Ball for the hospitality.


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SRxMM is short for the collaborative effort: Soul Regiment x Motivate Movement who have decided that working together builds a stronger establishment. By developing a brand identity with its acronym, they hope to exemplify unity. In many ways, you may view the structure as follows:

Soul Regiment = Apparel Brand | Motivate Movement = Design Haus.

Since 2000, Motivate Movement has aspired to be a motivational force in our community; bridging the gap between genres and comrades in art through design. Our directive is to capture and preserve the essence that transmits the youthful spirit and purity for people’s love for culture. Our brand will never claim to be the best, but we will always stand by our dedication to deliver quality messages to you. We dedicate our work to Michael “DREAM” Francisco, the reason for our establishment. Through his death, our phoenix arose.

Our headquarters is located in the San Francisco / Bay Area and production facilities based in Oahu, Hawaii.