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Blogging and Bread

And on the 41st day… …back to blogging!  And bread....

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Autocon 2011 Coverage!


First of all, big ups to Justin Fong, Nate Leon & the whole AutoconCrew for throwing such a dope event.  It was such an amazing turn out and very well organized. The crowds came out in the thousands, so many Ill rides, vendors,  very tasty food trucks & Free Parking :]. Now thats what I’m talking about! haha. I was very pleased with last years event and it only got better this year.  Thanks to everyone that said whats up. It was great seeing all our goodfriends, new friends & fans! Also thanks to those who brought out a toy for those kids in need for this time of the year. Its greatly appreciated… Anyways, Enjoy the coverage!


Our crew showed up around 1:30 with a line still forming a couple hundred feet from the entrance. I can tell you spectators were in for a treat.




At the entrance was all our goodfriends from Royal Origin x Lowballers

David Vu’s dummped civic


Kyle Ranauro’s Slammed S14

Keychain Rockin Our Fatlace Sunnys!

Chivas All the way from Vegas

Gerald Another from Sin City

Spotted @LanceFeliciano. With his paparazzi picture block  pose

Rockys Mazda 3

Le taking picture of Shavis Mazda. Someone walks right in. FUUUUUUUUUU

there we go

Royal Origin X Lowballers X Fatlace & Co

Not a car show without someone doing the Ocho Ocho! Of course Nimo.

John Zangs 1s

Taking a break and grabbing some food ;] Lines were hella long! There was about 12 trucks too. Krazyness i tell you

I choose this truck :]

2 BEEP steak tacos & 2 Pork w/ Mangtomas sauce & Fries which i covered in Banana ketchup later on.

Back to the coverage

Spotted Milt Leaning like a cholo.

Also caught his ride leaning as well..

& the rest of his crew “Low & Slow”

My goodfriend. Miss Holly Lee.

TJIN Edition Mustang

Leon Casino’s RHD CRX & TJIN Edition Camero

Leon Casino, Jane & Their baby boy Leon Jr.

Starting him young!

Visiting my friends Vendors

StickyDilJoe.com – Joey Lee

My boys over @ AutofashionUSA

If your ever in San Diego! heres their address. Caught this on their laptop haha


The hommies over @ Crooks&Castles. Doing LIVE silk screening! How sick is that.

My boy James Laitipaya’s Crooks e39 Wagon

This Deserves Best Of Show…. LOL!

This helped many iPhone Addicts that day….

We took another break to try to catch a Free Balloon ride over @ the park.

We were doing our superhero walk to the balloon till we found out they were closed till 7 :( an hour after the event was over. I really wanted some cool Aeriel coverage of the event but sign up was @ 12 :( We still ended up riding it @ 7 though haha :) Cold but well worth it

Wagons! <3 OMG

Found my boy Sloppy. Rockin’ a Illest OG Crewneck

LykaBOS ls400 one of my favorite VIP rides out there!

Sun was setting but the crowds were still in the thousands and still coming

Air Runner Booth

DTA x Rouge Status Porsche

ItsJDMyo! Tony

Sloppys Fit Fit

Big Mikes Prelude

Lindas Toyota Matrix

Autocon did something a little different & pretty cool if you ask me.

They had cars roll up onto the stage and talk with the owners about their modifications and what not. Pretty sick!

On stage my Hommie & Past Hellaflush Feature Brian Katos Nissan Fuga.

Next model to go on stage! MmmMM!

Suns Gone and palce is still packed

Big Abe of Kuya Protection & His Crew doing security at Autocon. There was a 3rd guy in the photo but I got him Blinking :| Just incase you read this! haha.

It was a long day but me and the boys had somthing important to attend too… ;]


Since the event ended at 6 and the next Balloon ride was @ 7… We decided to be grown men and…


RIDE ON A MERRY GO ROUND FOR 15 MINS!!!! =D!!!!! hahahaha

Safety First!

took me 6-7 attempts to get this photo of me.

LOL @VinceFatlace found a weird animal.

Now off to the Balloon!

I didnt get any shots of us in the air cause we were holding on to our dear lives and looking at the center of the balloon to find only 1 Steel line keeping us from flying into space :| !!! haha

But heres a shot of the previous group 400FT high!

Hope you guys enjoyed!
Thank you to Autocon for taking care of Me & My staff! Cant wait for AC2012

4 Responses to Autocon 2011 Coverage!

  1. love the event coverage :] your pictures made me feel like i was actually there instead of just being a bunch of shots of cars that everybody’s probably seen already. I like how you included people, food and random events that happened. DOPE post, im going to start checking the blog out more often :] good shit yagi!

  2. Epic! Good stuff Yogi!

  3. Ricardo

    I don’t think that’s a corvette next to the crx lol. Great coverage and you have some wall paper quality pics (:

    • Yogi

      AH! Its been a long week -_-. In my head i was like “Did i really put corvette” Thanks for the find :P


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