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HIN LA Coverage



Heres some coverage of HIN LA. Its been a long week and finally had time to put these up!

Special thanks to.

Miss Super Street – Michelle Sanchez
Karl Perez – Languna Seca Honda Civic
Yuta Akaishi – HeartBreakers Z
Cody Chan – SuperStreetOct Miata
Kyle Ranauro – SuperStreet S14
Ron Sino Cruz – Nissan President
Standard Functions Fam for bringing out all the super sick Ruckus & Bikes!
Thanks to Hot Import Night for having us.

Enjoy Guys!
Coverage By.
Vince@Illest & @YogiFatlace

Karl Perez Languna Seca HF Civic

Standard Function Ruckus aka Maggie 10×10 Fatty Wheel!

Miss SuperStreet Modeling over at the Fatlace Booth :)

She stayed busy all day!

HeartBreakers Z

Superstreet Feature Mazda Miata


Ron Sino Cruz JDM Nissan President

Ming Of Standard Functions & Vince from Illest Los Angeles

Ruckus & Zumas over @ our section! These bikes pulled in crowds of people!


Kyles Super Slammed S14. Make sure to catch his SuperStreet issue! coming out soon!

Fatlace Fam & Company

Bippu Pride

My goodfriend JoseRomo’s Audi A3

My good buddies over at Project G

Too sick!

Our Friend & Mr Motormavens Antonio Alvendia
Im almost 99.9% sure he was Instagraming ;P We’re all so addicted
@YogiFatlace & @Motormavens ;) hahah

Jaw dropping for sure


You dont see tomany Ariel Atoms. I can only wish


Super sick Estima! I have a thing for wagons & vans :)

Austin lees Q45

Illest Love

I taught her that pose… Shes getting better at it :P


My hommie KeyChain Of RoyalOrigin & ItsJDMyo!

TJIN Edition Camera. In love with this Camero

Autocon LA Reppin @ HIN!


The lovely HollyLee

Z with Matching Honda Ruckus. I Like

I was trying to take a picture then dude walks right in front of me….

There we go





My first car I bought with my own money was a 1987 Mazda RX7… I regret the day I sold it :|

Very busy night @ HIN LA!

Crowds in the Thousands

Platinum VIP, Always reppin

Billy Shea IS300




LykaBos HellaFlush Alumna

2 Responses to HIN LA Coverage

  1. Ibe

    Awesome Coverage dudes. Dat M5 wagon and Dat Nissan President. So friggin cool man.

  2. some nicely done rides there


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