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Introducing & Welcoming some of our new 2012 HF Bloggers!

The HF staff and myself personally would like to welcome our newest bloggers to join the HF Family. This is a definite awesome line up of photographers & writers to join the team. We’re all very excited, We cant wait to see all the dope content these guys AND gal are going to bring.

Meet Vince Geronimo, Most of you already know him as one of our staff members from our Society Showcase at Formula Drift. Aside from that Vince also works over at Illest Boutique Los Angeles. If your ever at Illest Los Angeles and you got a really dope ride sitting outside the shop. Dont be shy to show him what you got. Maybe it’ll land on Hellaflush.com

Vinces car was also featured a couple months back with his 1987 Toyota Pick up.

Meet Minh Nguyen, Some of you May know him from Royal Origin & Lowballers. He is also another past Hellaflush Alumnai. With His IS300 & IS250. The man loves his Lexusesuseses? Lexai? lex.. Lexus… yeah… haha. He knows his stuff and cant wait too see the great material he’ll be bringing us!

His IS300 on Purple Enkei RPF-Unos

And his recently featured IS250

Meet Taryn Croucher. Lets get this over with. YES, A GIRL…
All the way from New Zealand! Dont let the girlyness fool you. She knows her stuff. She will put some boys to shame with her knowledge of cars. Taryn is also a Contributor for local NewZealand Magazine “NZPERFORMANCECAR”. I met her a couple months back when she approached me to actually use some of my photos in the NZPC Mag. Ever since I been so amazed at her interest in the whole car lifestyle and how shes into it more than some of my guy friends. I cant wait to see what the NZ car scene has to offer!

Taryn & a Japan RWB Porsche during her visit to Japan. That dedicated!

Look at her GO! Tracking her little miata roadster! Yep, She definitely rocks. Oh and guys sorry to break your hearts. She’s engaged so no proposals & love letters please. I already tried that.

Last and certainly not least. My very good friend Murdok.
He is a very VERY talented photographer. Hes so good Some of his photos were actually used in some of Sonys Digital Champaign ads out in the UK! Congratulations to him! He is widley known & respected in the Honda scene. He’ll be making his debut in the Hellaflush side of the world :)
His work is truley amazing and cant wait till he shares some of his work with all of us!

I believe this is the photo he used for the Sony Ad

Also Joey Nguyen will be joining us as an author. Bio on him shortly.

Again! Welcome guys!

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