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Violent Running Tribe: Bōsōzoku Cressida

Tonight we met up with Jameson Gankee a very good friend of mine and also a past HellaFlush Alumni . This is one feature I was very been really excited about and couldn’t wait to get this photoshoot in. NotHis Bōsōzoku inspired Cressida is Sooooooo Gangster and very Unique! His ride was turning heads all over Little Tokyo.  Even some local elder japanese took time to stop and stare and ask him a couple questions about the car, haha. Now thats dope…

There are very little Boso inspired cars in Cali or even around the states. If there are they dont come close to how dope this one turned out. Again, Bosozoku is not everyones cup of coffee  but the work put into this one should change a couple minds. Cant wait to see the future of his Cressida. Make sure to see this car at one of our future events.

Heres a short mod list:

1983 toyota cressida
15×10 – 25 195/50/15
Self fabricated Shark nose front end, from the welding to the body work
Custom made front chin spoiler
Factory Toyota rain visors
Modified MX73 coilovers
Hiro Engeneering super silhouette rear pods
custom made hood vents
Custom made sideskirts
Truck Front bumper was taken from a and made to fit
Home made LED Tail lights

Enjoy !

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  1. Jason
    16/12/2011 at 11:05 am

    I used to have a 1981 Cressida station wagon. It was mint condition until it was totaled in an accident in 1998. This brings back memories