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Agenda Long Beach 2012

Agenda hosted their annual trade show in a new location, Long Beach. I will admit this was possibly the best Agenda show I’ve attended. The space was bigger and just gave the show a better flow.

Finally got to met Mark, the man, the myth, the iced out watch!! This was the best photo I could get. The watch almost ruined the censor on my camera.

Ben Baller showed me his teeth. His braces are way better than any other adolescent girl that I know.

Yousef enjoys the Diamond life as much as the next guy. That health insurance must be good.

Thank Agenda for the food.

Thanks Bobby & Ben for the Fat Burger.

Oh hey Rob! Hope that 911 is treating you well. This mans hair is top 5 hairs in the world.

This is Chris. Chris is homie turned intern turned employee turned co-worker. He was enjoying that fat burger probably because his brand, The Divinites , just dropped a new collection.

Hommy was too busy to turn around and say whats up. Nice jacket, send that in a large.

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Carlos Avalos

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