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meatyflush WRX

I think this WRX pretty much sums up my personal style for Subaru’s. I love a well rounded car that shows that fitment can perform too. There is all different ways of being Hellaflush. You just have to make sure you are low and your wheels/tires are at the fenders. This is just showing that there are still people out there than enjoy driving their cars and looking good too. I think the only think holding him back power wise at this point is the small WRX turbo (which as you can see still makes good TQ at all wheels). A STI turbo would easily have his WHP close to the current TQ numbers. Keep it up!

btw this car was a complete build from a totaled WRX


- 04 – 05 Tails (JDM MOD)
- 5% Banner Tint
- APR Diffuser
- ARC Winglets
- Bayson R Sti Limited Replica Lip Paint Matched
- De-Badged Trunk
-Ganador Mirrors
- Headlights Cleared Flat Black
- Hella Horns WRB
- JDM Rainguards
-JDM Turn Signals
- Sti Spolier
- Sti Vane Spoiler


- Boost Gauge
- Bride Low Max Seats
-Bride Arm Rest
- Bride Shift Boot
- Clock Pod
- GraphicSti’s stickers
- Jdm Hazard Button
- Painted Center Console (Flat Black)
- TWM A6 Shift Knob
- WRX Floor Mats


220 WHP and 305 Torque

- Cobb Accessport V2
- Cobb Downpipe
- Cobb Heatshield
- Invidia N1 Race
- EFI Tuned
- NGK Step Colder Spark Plugs
- Snorkus Delete
- TWM Shifter Bushings
- Type 25 Intake Mod
- Walbro Fuel Pump


BC BR 8/10 Spring Rate
Cusco Power Brace (replica)
Ebay C Bar
Ebay H Brace
Ebay Strut Bar


- Work Emotion WMB CR Kai 18×9.5
- Dunlop Starspecs 255/35/18
- Muteki Open Ended Neo Chrome Lug Nuts
- WRX valve caps
- Camber


17 Responses to meatyflush WRX

  1. Josh

    I’ll be the first to say… nicely done! It really makes me miss my 06. I am still glad I got my 04 STI though!

  2. X

    Wow. Very beautiful.

  3. eddie

    “evo ftl” when your modify wrx can’t even beat a stock evo. smh

    • show me a “stock” evo that makes 300tq at the wheels… and show me a stock EVO that came with 255 width grippy starspecs and coilovers… then we will talk. Not to mention how much sooner the power comes on with his 2.5 and the supported mods on the stock wrx turbo. I don’t think it will beat an EVO in any top speed records, but off the line and around corners it will. How do you know what his car can and can’t do? You must read too many stats on Road and Track haha.

    • RAMSES

      This car is clean, but these were my thoughts exactly…lol…and I do own an Evo.

  4. Lookin’ very good!

  5. Pedro Vilar

    Thanks for all the compliments guys! Also wanted to thank josh for putting this up.

  6. Mr. Bliss

    LIKE! 305 ftlbs at the wheels : )

  7. how to make a slide show on myspace

  8. Stephen L

    Such a nicely done Scoob!!! I hope one day my 02 wrx can make its way to this website!! ;)

  9. I’m buying a WRX soon and would really appreciate it if somebody posted this guy’s offsets. This is the perfect tire size I want to run…

  10. wonder if those are D-Money’s old wheels. the CR kiwami’s

  11. amauri

    damn that halla DOPE!!!!


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