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Sh*t LA Publicists Say

Everyone has been creating these type of videos from “Shit Girls Say” to “Shit Sneakerheads Say.” I came across this one recently featuring up and coming comedian Zo Johnson and thought it was pretty on point as I’ve dealt with publicists in LA just like this…although most aren’t as masculine. Thought I’d share and let you in on the Hollywood secret…yes you can buy Twitter followers and Facebook fans lol.


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John P

John P

Resides in Downtown Long Beach, CA and worked the agency life for a number of years before moving into the freelance world where he specializes in PR, marketing and photography. When not traveling with the Formula DRIFT series, he can be found surfing, watching MMA, or building various project cars.
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  1. Len
    23/02/2012 at 7:46 pm

    That is a good find, I like the part about buying followers.. Only thing he missed was “joining team follow back” lol.