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The Wrong Fitment Crew meet was held today at Venice Beach, the same place where Hella Flush 5 is usually held at. I was hoping they would have it at the same place last year because we were able to walk along the pier. Oh well, when we got there the lot was already full of just people who go to the beach on Saturdays, so we ended up parking in the next lot over.  When we walked over to the meet, the cops were already telling us to leave because we can’t have a meet there without a permit.  So loitering around the parking lot was not allowed. Hoping for a better meet next time, now on to the pics!

Vinh’s clean LS430 just got some 5 Zigen fireball exhaust.The leader of the caravan Alex! 

I’m so in love with you… Vu’s Miata on AME Shallen’s..

Nimo rolling through with some Rotiform NUE’s. Allen’s  IS300, recently boosted.Low N’ Slow! Milt recently got some fresh Work Equips. Looks so good. John Zhang’s 1 series just as clean as his photography. I really love Work Equips.. I’ve never seen NUE’s in a different color. Usually only in silver or brushed form. Doesn’t look too shabby.Mike’s Job Design GS350…. 

Be sure to check out the rest of the pics below!

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  1. Ricardo
    26/02/2012 at 11:12 pm

    Clean coverage. Can we get some more pics of the rest of the G’s there

  2. 27/02/2012 at 3:23 am

    The parking lot beside of the pier has a venue there until March 15th so we couldn’t park there. This meet was put together for the WFC member’s and crew. The fact that it got shut down because it was too big was due to the kids and viewers that showed up just cause (people took it into their own hands to Hype it up on FB). WFC always keeps their stuff mainly for the people that call themselves WFC. Next meet will be in a few months but will be my invite or RSVP only. It was pretty awesome though to see that many people come out for the a WFC meet that we don’t even advertise outside our own forum. Also if you didn’t show up early like you typically should to a meet then you missed out in the first place anyway. There was some of the best cars I’ve seen in a while staged up and ready to rock a couple of hours before the start time.