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Wong fitment

At big car events there are always a few rides that I realise I never pay enough attention to until after the show, especially when there is so much awesomeness in one place at one time! After the Nationals comp there was one car that really stuck in my mind, so over the weekend I took a trip down to Hamilton to take a closer look at Anthony Wong’s immaculate ’97 EK sedan.

Seeing the custom paint in the sunlight made a huge difference to the overall appearance of the car since last time I saw it under dark artificial lighting. This is definitely one of the cleanest Civics I’ve set my sights on.

Digging Wong’s reverse faced BBS LMs (17×8.5 and 17×9.5) bolted to Civic Type R 5-stud hubs, and the Spoon carbon front lip.

Damn I wish my engine bay could look this tidy!

The EK runs a K20A 2-litre DOHC VTEC from a DC5 Integra Type R, I’m loving the imposing intake manifold and the super-clean, super-simple seam welded and shaved bay.

Interior features a custom ‘Wong’s Engineering’ harness bar too.

It only took Wong 7 or 8 years of jerking around to get the car to how you see it here today. At one stage he threw in the towel and even sold it to someone else, but last year he had a change of heart and bought it back, finally finishing what he started. The main thing I really enjoy about this build is the attention to detail and the quality parts that have been put into it. Everything has been replaced, repainted and re-done and it really shows – this photo will give you some idea. Mad props to Wong for doing things once and doing them right. It was worth the wait!

1997 Honda Civic LXi (NZDM)

K20a (JDM DC5R)
6 Speed

ALL in Fabrication Intake Manifold
ALL in Fabrication Velocity Stack Intake
ALL in Fabrication / Hybrid Racing 70mm Throttle Body with Vibrant Clamp
ALL in Fabrication Header
ALL in Fabrication Tucked Radiator
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail with AN Fittings and Braided Lines
Hybrid Racing Fuel Filter
Hybrid Racing Short Shifter box
Hybrid Racing Conversion Harness
AEM Fuel Regulator
Wongs Engineering Custom Radiator and breather Can Set up
Wongs Engineering Custom Battery Box
Buddy Club Dry Cell
Sinco Customs 3in Exhaust
Hondata K-Pro Engine Management

Brakes / Suspension:
Skunk2 pro-C Full platform coilovers 14kg /10kg
Progress Front and rear Swaybars
Buddy Club Raised Ball Joint kit
Buddy Club Front Camber kit
Buddy Club Rear Camber Kit

CTR 5 Stud hub Conversion
Willwood 310mm Front Brake Kit with 4pot Superlite Calipers
Goodridge Braided brake lines all round

17″ BBS LM Reverse Face
Goodyear Eagle F1 205/40/17

Full panel and paint by Paul Swanson @ Terry Andrews Carpainters Hamilton, Custom Mix: “Wongs Kitchen Red”

Brand New OEM Front End:
EK9 Front bumper,
EK9 Front Grill
EK9 Guards
EK9 Bonnet
EK9 Headlights
EK4 Foglights
Spoon CF Lip
Modified Strut Towers
Shaved Engine Bay
Modified Flared and Pumped Guards

Bride Stradia Low Max Front Seats,
Bride Low Max Rails
Momo Steering wheel
Mugen Foot pedals
DB8R Rear Seats
Flocked Dash
Defi Gauges Oil Temp/Oil Press/Water Temp
EK9 Guage Cluster
Takata Harness
Wongs Engineering Custom harness bar

Honda K20a @ 9000rpm = Bliss

Antz would like to thank:
Ian James, Coach, Made it all work for me,
Derek @ ALL in Fabrication, Oregon, USA.
David @ Hybrid Racing
Paul Swanson @ Terry Andrews Panel and Paint,
Bevan Wong @ Wongs Engineering
Pwizz, VTEC22, Hayce, Roge, Weeman, OhGee! DSigns,
and the rest of the Wong Fitment Crew, and Circle Jerk Crew (www.cjc.org.nz) who have helped out in the project one way or another.
Melissa :)
George @ advanced plating and polishers Hamilton
Bruce @ Mag and Turbo Hamilton
Kelvin Taylor – wrinkle paint man
Caleb Wong @ Honda NZ
Rocky Ali @ buddy club NZ
Colin Abah @ JTUNE,
Chris @ Strong for Honda

16 Responses to Wong fitment

  1. Henry

    Nice Honda. Is Wong Fitment Crew supposed to be a parody of Wrong Fitment Crew?

  2. Sparkles

    I’m not one for Honda’s usually, but this is an amazing piece of engineering and hard work. I’d even say it deserved best Honda at the show. I wish more people out there would put this sorta effort in, instead of just slamming a big bore and some cutties in.

    • Sparkles

      And congrats on the build Anthony, when I saw it when we picked up the engine crane, it was still way off. Good man

  3. ian

    Lol wong fitment! Awesome!

  4. sumeet

    what the hell is wong with you guys?? clean ass civic btw.

  5. nicely done Civic… but rep the real WFC (wrong fitment crew)…

  6. Taryn

    The Wong fitment crew thing is just a bit of fun.. they just made the stickers as a bit of a laugh because of their surname. Nothing against the the real WFC! :)

  7. Luke886

    Sick wheel’s Wong!!
    Meke Paint job by the Bro Paul!

  8. Man, this thing is show AND go…clean!

  9. Thanks for the write up Taryn!

    Thanks for the kind words all. Regarding Wong Fitment Crew, it means no disrespect to the actual Wrong Fitment Crew, just a bit of fun, play on our last name etc, no harm,

  10. Clowbe

    Damn Antz did a mean job on this. Not a regular Htown build cos it was done pretty quick. Nice shots Taryn

  11. Kevin Truong

    Nice Civic sedan! Ain’t nothing like the BS 4 door Civics I see everywhere I go with cheap ass Sportmax 15×8 0 offsets on there…quality parts + quality build + well thought idea = nicely done ride

  12. Justin

    by far the cleanest honda i have seen.. sedan gang swag. 4 doors for more whor*s!

    98 honda civic lx: turbo building in progress


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