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Hey guys!  So tonight I was given the opportunity to go on a special private autocross event or as they would like to call it the AWESOMECROSS. Awesome it so was! I was one of the lucky twenty-five people who got to participate in this secret autocross event. I would put my race skills to the test behind the wheel of a powerful sports car and on a set of the new BFG’s COMP-2 Tires.

If you remember a couple days ago I posted my invite to this event. I received a very unique laser etched BFG blank comp2 tire with the Date, Time, Number & some other weird stuff I couldn’t decipher!  The staff was very secretive of what the event and gave us little to no details about what we’ll be expecting. Let me too you it was DEFINITELY NOT was I was expecting. Yet in a good way. Haha.





So I show up 8:00 sharp at the provided location. I drive down a dark road to find only this bright lit up tent in the middle of nowhere. I’ve seen this once on Americas Most Wanted. 😐 haha. As soon as i get up to the booth I was given instructions to park my car and leave them the keys O.o?!


Slowly other participants show up with their tires. I mean invitations. haha


Professional Driver Andy Sapp all the way from Atlanta & NFS: Linbergh Join the party.


After introducing one another & breifly talking. A black shuttle comes out of the blue and asks us to put our tires in the van and take a seat. I DEFINITELY seen this on Americas most wanted! Once entering the vehicle we couldn’t help to notice that each window and even the drivers area was totally sealed off. They were driving us to the secret location from the designated meeting spot AKA sketchy tent.


On each of the seats there was pamphlet with the tires FAQs and again detail of the test course and the cars.


Couple minutes later they shut the slider door and it was pitch black. During our dark bumpy ride we hear an audio only message in a evil like voice about the event. About the dangers and what not, trying to scare us a bit.. haha it was hysterical.  I like I like.

The moment the vehicle stopped the doors open and right in front of our faces a whole camera crew 😐 I wasent ready. I didn’t get to do my make up yet!


Levi Maestro another media person along with our group on camera.


A Sample of the BFG Comp2’s… Meaty & Sticky


The funny part about this ID tag is that I never provided my Photo. My facebook is on private too! Weird…..

Next! The Driver Evaluation. They made us take this test about general car knowledge. It even asked us to draw a fast car… I didnt take a picture of my drawing cause it was embarrassing… 😐 Ill tell you it looked like a very bad drawing of a cowboy hat, haha.


As we were filling out these test that were given. Couldnt help but notice this silhouette of a weird contraption! What in the Hell?!? Its a gyro! I didnt sign up for this!



Shit just got real…..

Andy Sapp went first… He came back out like this… yikes…

After the other two went it was my turn. I walked to the back and saw this. I was a bit nervous because I personally hate roller coasters and anything that makes me go upside down, in & around…


This didn’t really boost my moral up much.


It actually wasent that bad. I actually wanted to go faster and longer :) If I heard correctly I did about 3+ G’s…  Not sure how good that is but awesome!


They also wanted me to read this as I was spinning but they took my glasses away… Even if I could see that wasent gonna happen.


There was even a doctor at the location to make sure we we’re healthy to do all the activitys… I asked him if I can take his picture but he didn’t want to be shown. So I turned him into Dr. Mario! Now everyones happy! 


Now we were off to the next building! The fun racing part :]! Andy Sapp here pretty excited as you can see.

Again with the cameras in our faces! I felt like a celebrity for a moment…


As soon as we walk into this hanger where the cars were located it felt like I was inside a video game. GT5 or Forza to be exact.


My Adrenalin was kickin in and oh man I was sooo excited!


Geez! leave me alone already! haha jk. The crew & camera staff was so awesome.


We had a professional driver sponsored by BFGoodrich tag along with us during our track times. Helping us with the course and guiding us a bit.

AhhH! how awesome. The staff showing me some earlier taped footage of my name on the board. Also footage from the previous groups.


First went Andy Sapp in the Mustang then here in this photo Levi Maestro in the VW GTI. I couldnt get much coverage of the test course but when the video goes viral you’ll see how awesome this night autocross track was set up…

And up next me… Good luck to me. I need it.

This is the horse I got to ride :) 480hp of MERICAN’ muscle. You probably said it liked I typed it.

Ready, Set! & GO!!!!! to the left of my car you can see the camera car dubbed “THE PURSUIT” chasing me during my 5 laps. Also outside a glow in the dark remote control helicopter attached with a camera getting some arial shots.

And the leader boards! Not to shabby. Yeah……. I might of got a little wild…  1.43G’s & top speed of 57.17…

After our groups run we excited the building to mingle with the BFG staff. I also found the company that actually did the laser etching on our invite tires! So before we got to the location they asked the invitees to bring the tires with them so in the end when the event is over. They’ll be etching our track time stats on our tires! How cool right?

Dont look directly into the lasers!

Here they are prepping the laser…

Wow did not expect that. Too awesome! They also specialize is customization for your devices like iPads, Macbooks & other accessories. Check them out on their site for your personal customization!


Outside with Andy Sapp Enjoying some nice warm drinks in this weird California Weather.

Now some reviews about the tires. The BFG Comp2 performed so well! FYI no im not being paid to write this review. I was very impressed with the handling of the tires. During my track time I was taking corners left & right at high speeds. Even if I tried to break traction the tires would grip and catch. It was extremely hard to spin out. I would very much consider myself an amateur driver but somehow I did well, thank god! I myself  would strongly recommend these comp2’s to anyone and everyone.

Personally I’d like to thank BFGoodrich & The Martin Agency  for invited me to this Awesomecross event! I had a blast. They’ll have some footage that should go viral of all the groups/drivers in a week. I’m super excited to see how good/bad I did 😛

Thanks for reading guys!

Also heres a little hint of the location.

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  1. 04/03/2012 at 7:29 am

    Good stuff Yogi! Keep me posted on that video haha

  2. 04/03/2012 at 8:37 pm

    Looked like a fun event. Glad I passed on the invite to people that could make it.

    • 05/03/2012 at 1:15 pm

      Thanks again, Mark!

  3. 05/03/2012 at 8:55 pm

    Yo I am way away in Auckland, New Zealand and I’m heading off to San Fran this month I am definitely keen to hit up the fatlace store! I’m lookin’ to come home with a new winter wardrobe :) Cheers!

  4. Rob
    06/03/2012 at 7:11 am

    sick. that looks unreal.

  5. 06/03/2012 at 2:33 pm

    Such an AMAZING amazing experience! BFGoodrich not only raised the bar with this event… I think they may have destroyed it!

    Super rad meeting you, Yogi… and an honor running through this Awesomecross with you!

  6. 15/03/2012 at 12:48 pm

    Yogi, thanks for coming out to AWESOMECROSS.
    We wanted to drop you an exclusive/unlisted trailer.

    Enjoy the tease & thanks again.