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Just got back from my favorite place in the world…HA-VA-EEE, my second home.  Used to be out there every three months but the past two years I’ve been on hiatus from da islands, gettin my clothing line off the ground.  So this was a much needed, long awaited, reunion with the rock…and my besties who live there.  Stepped off the plane and an hour later was swimmin in the ocean.  Cuz that’s how we do.


To my 808 ohana…mahalo for partyin with me the whole week, swoopin me at the breakadawn, feedin me the ono grindz, helpin me chase the sun and hangin till the early AM…everyday.  I promise it won’t be another two years till I come back.  A hui hou…ALOHA!

Airplane reads.

Waikiki from Diamond Head

Bomb ass ramen.  At Goma Tei.  

Lego Store

Yes.  I’m a Star Wars geek.  

Rainy day and getting my Duke’s on.  


Artwork at Manifest, Chinatown

Manifest, Hip Hop night

Late night grindz at V Lounge.  Pizza!


Breakfast at MAC 24/7, home of the Man v. Food pancake challenge. But I had chicken and waffles haha.

Good morning Zoe!!!

Cruise to North Shore.

North Shore and more…in the next episode.


“I wish you were here with me…”

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  1. timbot80
    10/03/2012 at 10:49 pm

    Aloha served daily : )