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Not Your Typical Invite: BFG Awesomecross

So this week I got hit up by BFG to participate in a Autocross event. I would be able to test out some tracks cars on some fresh BFgoodrich’s comp2 tires. This event is closed to the public at a private track. After speaking to the staff I get a call the next day, They wanted to drive to me and give me my personal invite. I offered them to just overnight it to me so they’re would not be any hassel. But they insisted on wanting to deliver this package/invite in person! So why not.

We end up meeting @ Illest Los Angeles last night. Then out of nowhere their staff shows up with a 245/40/19 BFG Comp2. Initially I was confused cause in my head im like “Uhm, i know what a tire looks like….” Until Emily one of the staffers over at MartinAgency said “Heres your invite!” then i looked harder at this tire and saw my invitation was laser etched into the tire! How awesome! This is probably one of the best invites I’ve ever gotten.

Now the really fun part is I’ve heard VERY little of whats going on this weekend. All I know is my call time & the secret location. I know i’ll be put into one of the tracks cars and dont know who i’ll be competing with or any of the twist. Only thing I know is what I have to decipher from the tire 😛 So this should be very interesting!

I’ll give you an update in a few days to let you guys know about my experience and the event :) Definitely excited. Wish me luck


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  1. 02/03/2012 at 8:24 pm

    Fusionofideas customized the tires. We are stoked that one went to illest. That is Legit