Slammed Society

A date with Sunkist

The weather was right, not a cloud in sight. Rolling in a orange sunkist colored Honda Civic Si screaming thru the Vegas strip makes you feel super Azn again (Dj Babyboi?). Reaching speeds up to 120mph takes you to another state of mind. Went on a day date with the one and only Sunkist. Which most of you may know from Las Vegas to Los Angeles… this whip goes everywhere.

We first grabbed some food over at Serendipity eating outside as we gazed upon the annoying tourist this city brings.



Headed over to Paris, France. We ordered some fish fillet since Serendipity didn’t offer this tasty delight…


Over at City center I wanted to get a new LV wallet, since I lost mine sometime ago.


As the nightfall’s, I needed to get some energy so we headed down the strip finding a cafe. No luck since Vegas doesn’t have any cool small cafe spots..We just cruised and enjoyed the city lights


I’m from the eastcoast so It was only right to Visit New York, New York. To my disappointment I didn’t see any hipsters from Williamsburg lurking around…FAIL


I piss on for my city…


No way!? Honda Tuning…His dream come true…


After a day full of cruisin and eating, Sunkist wanted to go to the club. I HATE THE CLUBS, so I took some Beer & Drugs and everything got distorted..I think that building wasn’t suppose to bend like that…

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