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Jonathan Watcharine’s EM2


So this is my first official automotive blog post on Hellaflush. So go easy on my photos and writing! We’ve been trying to schedule this shoot for weeks and with the rainy weather in Houston, it seemed like mother nature didn’t want me to ever shoot it. After scheduling it on what seemed like a clear day, it started pouring seconds before we started shooting. Needless to say, it sucked however the photos didn’t come out too bad. The rain passed quickly and we went right on with our business. Take that mother nature!

Anyways, I was granted with the privilege to shoot one of Team Ikon’s civic last week in Houston. Team Ikon is one of the oldest established teams in Houston that is still repping hard at shows and on the street since 1996. Being one of the many civics still in the scene, it is definitely hard to stand out. And with the start of the scene, at least from what I remember, I’m sure most tuners will tell you that when they started there has always been memories of civics. Am I right? If anything, I’m sure a lot of people also had a civic as their first car!


Regardless, we can all still appreciate a clean civic.


Jonathan Watcharine’s EM2 is definitely a fine example of a car executed simple and clean. Nothing too flashy and nothing too crazy. It has enough mods for someone to say, “Damn that is a nice ride.”

This 2002 Civic LX is a beauty of its own. He has a custom rootbeer metallic color change that can only really be admired in person. Photos definitely do not do it any justice. With a one off custom fitted Walker Japan bumper, RS side skirts, modified RS rear lip, RS grille, and FX35 bi-xenon retrofitted headlights, what is there not to love? His motor work is pretty limited right now but he plans on getting a swap in before Wekfest Austin and lets just say the motor has the letter K in it. He has a Greddy SP2 cat-back exhaust on it right now along with a ton of ICE.

Now I know a lot of y’all (yes I just used this word because I’m Texan) are probably wondering suspension and wheel specs. He’s dropped on Tien SS coilovers with a SPC camber kit in the front and rear. Running a rear camber of roughly -3.4. He’s done the RSX 5-lug conversion on it and has 0857 inverted tie rod ends. He used to have Volk CE-28N’s until he decided to go with a more aggressive wheel set up. Currently mounted on his car are 17×8 / 17×9 +22 Work Rezax’s with 205/40/17 Falken ZE-502 tires. Are you impressed yet? Regardless, it’s okay because he’s not done.


So of course with every car enthusiast, modding your car is never ending. He is definitely no where near done with this vehicle and has many plans for this EM2 of his. Be on the look out for his car in the future. Modding your car isn’t just a hobby to everyone. To some, it is a lifestyle.


3 Responses to Jonathan Watcharine’s EM2

  1. sebastian rojas

    Man!!!! Congrats to my boy john! Couldn’t be happier for you homie! Great looking car non the less. Keep on the good work and there is definitely more to come! Stay tuned boys and girls!

  2. Joe Dirt

    Congrats to John and the Team Ikon crew for another feature. Man these guys reppin since 1996.

  3. Cody Diamond

    Im in love with this car…I have plans for my 04 EM2 and Final looks like Walker Japan(if i can find one…
    ) Front molded on now :3 sorry to take the idea(; its just so amazing looking


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