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Nike and Me at the Montalban in Hollywood.


Lights, theater, Nike.   I was invited to a customization appointment at the Montalban Theater @ Hollywood and Vine.

Nike calls it Art room 1615.  A nod to Art class 1615 and the address of  the Montalban Theater -  which I didn’t know (till now) was named after Ricardo Montalban of the Love Boat!!  You gotta love Hollywood.

I was greeted by a group of beautiful Nike Women with big smiles.  Dana Arnold, Sand One (grafitti artist), Tiana King, Alero Akuya, Jacie Prieto, and Michelle Kollmeier.

Art Rm. 1615 is filled with all the many customization materials you can choose to create your own shoes or apparel.

Immediately I was offered tea and biscuits and handed a mysterious hat box.  Look at how cute this china set up is!  I really thought I was just going to cover a Nike event, yet they treated me like Kate Middleton.

I was quickly handed over to Michelle, my customization designer and studio manager.  Michelle took me through all the samples to show me what my design options were.  Here are the “flock” samples which she said the “boys” liked.  I was confused as I thought it was girls only!! Michelle told me the only boy in today was Ben Hundreds.

All the details were in line with the classic letterman look.

A box full of notions.

Futura was not on the Nike Varsity team, but it is one of the font styles.

So next, I sat down at the computer and started to look at all my options.  I chose the block hoodie.

I looked at all the colors and the graphics available.  Of course I wanted to create my own graphic, and Michelle kindly did it for me!

I then began to place the “frill”s on the actual garment so I could physically see and move them around.  I’ve always been very tactile.  I haven’t even subscribed to online shopping or pinterest for that matter.

There was a bin filled with different pins.   Back in the day, I was a freshman varsity field hockey player – so I decided to relive that memory.

They had this pin of two men spooning each other.  It was confusing.

After my design was done and Michelle did her final touches. Dana kindly poured me some early grey tea paired with a tiny cupcake.

I walked around the studio while  waited for my final print out.  It’s pretty amazing how they do everything here right on the stage. This is a serious embroidery machine.

On the wall were some of the other guests who had also designed there too.  I asked Michelle if Nike “goddess” – Samantha Jo was in.  She told me Sammy Jo designed the coolest hoodie with FRUITION LV smattered and slammed with pins.  Sammy Jo is nothing but style throughout.

I chose one of every offering they had. pins, patches, flock, vinyl, embroidery, and that custom graphic!

Female graffiti artist Sand One was in the house designing her own NSW.  She brought her own documentary shooter.

I don’t know why I didn’t ask her for this T-shirt – it’s one of her character tags.

Inside the mysterious hat box, with my NAME on the lid!!!!!!!!! – was a pair of Liberty Nike 5.0   A Nike and Liberty of London collaboration.
What a super nice touch. Sand One wanted the color I had – and I wanted the color she had! Not sure why it always works out that way…

Other styles available are the Liberty Dunk Sky High Blazer.  This shoe has a platform inside to give you a true lift.

My favorite, the Liberty Air Max 90

And the classic Liberty Cortez.

Thank you Nike!  Thank you Jacie!  I will be back Thursday night for the Nike training club.

NIKE Power “M”

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  1. That red Los Angeles T shirt is awesome!


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